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Mobile Expert Video Series: Leapfactor's Luis Cabrera

At Sapphire 2010 last week I heard Leapfactor mentioned in keynotes and many other presentations by SAP mobility experts. I saw one SAP VP demonstrating a very powerful iPad application that SAP has in a proof-of-concept that was developed by Leapfactor. I also saw that the SAP iPhone application "SAP EcoHub" (free and available on iTunes) was developed by Leapfactor. I was lucky enough to track down Luis Cabrera from Leapfactor last week and I interviewed him on camera about Leapfactor's focus and solutions including: Business Indicator - A powerful dashboard for business analytics on iPhones and iPads Business Alerts and Notifications - Send alerts to mobile devices based on parameters set up in your SAP system Business Approvals - Enable mobile managers to approve or reject various issues in SAP workflows The interview: Related videos: Mobile Expert Video Series: Sky Technologies President Bruce Johnson Mob

Mobile Expert Video Series: Santiago Becerra of Mellmo

I attended a session at Sapphire last week with Mellmo founder Santiago Becerra!  Here is how they describe their solution, "Use Roambi to transform your existing reports and data — from a variety of sources — into interactive visualizations and dashboards for the iPhone or iPad.  Explore and analyze your data with the ease of playing a video game and the power of an enterprise reporting tool." One of the most interesting things Santiago said was that he favors hiring gamers - developers that have experience developing video games and flashy UIs.  He believes they think more creatively and that they will be better capable of developing the next generation of enterprise mobility applications. Here is the video interview: Related videos:  Mobile Expert Video Series: Sky Technologies President Bruce Johnson Mobile Expert Video Series: SAP's VP of EcoHub, Usman Sheikh Mobile Expert Video Series: Infologix's Sen

M2M Market Opportunities - An Introduction

Now that SAP has enterprise mobility all figured out, it is time to explore opportunities in the M2M marketplace.  M2M is a vision of connecting physical things through a network that will let them take an active part in exchanging information about themselves and their surroundings over the Internet.  This will give immediate access to information about the physical world and the objects in it - leading to innovative services and gains in efficiency and productivity. There are many ways to describe M2M - the Internet of objects, the Internet of things or embedded mobile devices.  M2M is a world filled with remote asset management monitors, wireless sensors, telematics, telemetry, smart grids, and eReaders.  The military describes this world as Network-Centric Operations.  I wrote an article last year called Network-Centric Mobile Field Force Automation.   Here is an excerpt:  "Network-Centric operations, is a military doctrine pioneered by the US Department of Defence. It see

Mobile Expert Video Series: Bruce Johnson of Sky Technologies

I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing (with a digital video camera) Bruce Johnson, President of Sky Technologies, America, about his thoughts on SAP and enterprise mobility.  Sky Technologies describes themselves this way, "Sky Technologies specializes in Enterprise Mobility for SAP®. With a strong focus on innovation, Sky Technologies has developed SkyMobile, a SAP Certified Mobile Enterprise Appliaction Platform (MEAP), which enables any SAP process to be mobilized on any type of smartphone device." *************************************************** Kevin Benedict SAP Mentor, SAP Top Contributor,CEO Netcentric Strategies LLC Mobile Industry Analyst, Author of the report Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions, 2009 Mobile Strategy Consultant and Web 2.0 Marketing Services http:

Two SAP Mobility Articles on ERP Executives Magazine

Jon Reed, an SAP Mentor, and I recently worked together on 2 articles that were published on ERP Executives the magazine for SAP Managers.  Ten Step Worksheet for a Smarter SAP Mobile Rollout Enterprise Mobile Translation Guide He is a great writer and contributor to the SAP community. Last week at Sapphire was a fun learning experience.  I met with just about every mobility company in the SAP ecosystem and had a chance to record video interviews with most of them.  I will be posting new video interviews with mobility executives all week so check back often. *************************************************** Kevin Benedict SAP Mentor, SAP Top Contributor,CEO Netcentric Strategies LLC Mobile Industry Analyst, Author of the report Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions, 2009 Mobile Strategy Consultant and Web 2.0 Marketing Services http://mo

Kevin Benedict's Video Series: Mobile Expert Interviews

SAP did a dangerous thing at Sapphire 2010.  They placed HD video cameras in the hands of SAP Mentors.  I should call this series the "forehead" series since I seem to highlight my forehead in these interviews.  Oh well, it's a nice forehead.  I'll do better next Sapphire...  I hope you find this series of video interviews with SAP mobility experts informative. Interview with SAP's VP of EcoHub, Usman Sheikh Interview with Infologix's Brian Thorn Interview with Syclo's Founder Rich Padula Interview with Vivido Labs' Founder Greg Tomb For more in this video series click here. *************************************************** Kevin Benedict SAP Mentor, SAP Top Contributor,CEO Netcentric Strategies LLC Mobile Industry Analyst, Author of the report Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions, 2009 Mobile Strategy Consultant and Web 2.0 Marketing Services

Thoughts on SAP Mobility - Reporting from Sapphire

I have learned a huge amount at Sapphire 2010.  I have spoken to, and filmed interviews with, just about every mobility vendor at Sapphire.  Here are the first few: Interview with Kevin Nix, SAP Senior VP of Enterprise Mobility Interview with Ahmend El Adl, Director of Mobility, Pricewaterhousecooper Interview with Mark Goode, VP of Sales at DSI Tuesday night thoughts I believe the saying, “content is king!” Although I would add that “content and business processes are king!” Applications that add unique functionality and value to the SAP ecosystem will have longevity. Companies that are only providing interesting views of existing SAP data are subject to being quickly replaced by the next teenager with a cooler UI.  Mobile applications developers must add deep value to be able to gain mindshare and then defend their positions in the longterm.  They need to demonstrate unique innovation, deep expertise, and extend value in manners that are defensible. The term "mash-up&q

SAP to Acquire Sybase, Day 3 - Kevin Benedict's Thoughts and Analysis

There have been several additional comments made in the past 24 hours that seem to shed light on the thinking behind SAP's intent to acquire Sybase.  These statements seem to be highlighting three specific themes: A shift from desktop to mobile devices A goal to connect with billions of mobile users Support for all leading mobile devices In a comment yesterday on the Linkedin group SAP Enterprise Mobility  (you should all join), Sam Lakkundi, Sybase's Chief Architect said, "Moving from the Desktop Computer to a Mobile Device is the new path for enterprise computing that I vision."  In an email exchange between myself and Bonnie Rothenstein, Head of SAP's Enterprise Mobility Communications, Bonnie said, “We’re excited about our intent to acquire Sybase, as we believe the acquisition will enable SAP to accelerate our plans to deliver SAP’s industry leading business applications and analytics offerings to billions of mobile users on any device .”  Add these hi

Schedule for Mobility Related Sessions at Sapphire

Enterprise Mobility Schedule - Sapphire 2010 May 17th 2:00-2:45 P.M. Micro Forum Mobile Strategy, Micro Forum 524 Innovation May 18th 2:00-2:45 P.M. Micro Forum Mobility for Energy, Micro Forum 234 Industries May 18th 3:00-3:45 P.M. ASUG Presentation Syclo, LLC – Mobile Asset Management: Revolutionize Your Plant Floor, 209C West May 19th 3:30-3:50 P.M. Presentation SAP’s Mobile Strategy Theater 5 Innovation May 19th 4:00-4:20 P.M. Discussion SAP’s Mobile Strategy Discussion Room 5 Innovation May 19th 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. Panel The Future of Enterprise Mobility Theater 5 Innovation May 19th 4:00-5:00 P.M. Micro Forum The Power of Mobile Field Service, Micro Forum 418 Lines of Business Show Floor Hours Knowledge Table – DEMOS SAP Mobile Solutions: Your Business Anytime, Anywhere, and With Any Device.  Knowledge Table 523 Innovation Show Floor Hours Knowledge Table demos SAP for Utilities Knowledge Table 233 Industries Show Floor Hours Knowledge Table demos Asset Manag

SAP to Acquire Sybase, Day 2 - Kevin Benedict's Thoughts and Analysis

SAP's annoucement that they intend to acquire Sybase is still rumbling in my sleepy head.  Several years ago when I was the CEO of a mobile enterprise application company, I partnered with Sybase/iAnywhere.  As a result, I have a deep appreciation for both their strengths and their weaknesses.  I believe this acquisition or a similar one was inevitable, as SAP has been highlighting mobility since last December, but the timing still took me by surprise. I expect that events and presentations at Sapphire will bring clarity to this move, but in my current fog of confusion I give you my thoughts.  I have been recommending for some time that SAP should own the mobile integration layer.  Variations of this have been called Gateway, DOE, NetWeaver Mobile, etc.  I think this move will clarify in the future how mobile applications should integrate with SAP. Let's take a look at some of the direct quotes from the SAP executive suite: "We see a huge emerging market for the

SAP to Buy Sybase for $6 Billion - First Thoughts

I will have better analysis after pondering this announcement for a few days, but here is my first, off-the-cuff thoughts.  SAP will instantly be a leader in mobile middleware with this acquisition, but this acquisition does little to solve the needs of large enterprises today.  Sybase is not a mobile application company.  They have great mobile middleware, mobile databases, synchronization and integration technology and mobile device management.  However, none of these products provide a company with a mobile applications that solves their problems.  A database is not an application.  Synchronization is not an applications.  Mobile device management is not an application.  All of these solutions are just pieces that offer no value unless somebody builds something with them.  Who will that be? Sybase does not have a SDK.  How can a large enterprise with custom mobility needs build an application?  Sybase tells them to go pick a programming environment of their choice.  That does not

Sapphire and Enterprise Mobility

I just got off of the phone with Bonnie Rothenstein at SAP.  She works in the enterprise mobility group at SAP.  She is arranging meetings for me with all the right people at SAP to get the latest news and updates on enterprise mobility.  I will be posting updates to this blog as often as I can next week.  Bonnie was sharing the extensive list of presentations, demonstrations and sessions focused on enterprise mobility that will be available at Sapphire this year.  The list is long!  I am very excited about the focused efforts around enterprise mobility that I am seeing from SAP.  I will be attending as many of these mobility related events as my schedule allows.  Look for me in an SAP Mentor rugby shirt, #45, at these events and introduce yourself! If you can't make Sapphire this year, but want a full recap of the developments in enterprise mobility after Sapphire, please contact me to schedule a time to discuss. *************************************************** Kevin Be

SAP Mobility Goes Mainstream in 2010

I read an interesting article today on SAP's SCN that announces mobility will be a key focus of SAPPHIRE 2010.  Here is an excerpt, "We are in the midst of what might be described as a smartphone revolution.  It is clear that SAP has also accepted this."  In an independent analysis, Bob Evans wrote a piece (Information Week, April 30, 2010) titled: "Inside SAP: 10 Factors Behind Its Dramatic Turnaround."  In this article, he calls out "Making Mobile Matter" as one of these 10 factors.  He quotes J. Snabe, co-CEO, SAP AG, as saying that SAP is committed to making sure that "SAP solutions can be accessed from all leading mobile platforms, like RIM, Nokia, Apple, Google Android, etc." SAP's co-CEO Jim Snabe has made enterprise mobility a key priority of SAP.  More than a dozen mobile applications that integrate with SAP will be demonstrated at Sapphire this year.  2010 is an extraordinary time to be involved in SAP enterprise mobility.  I

Enterprise Mobility Discussion Time at Sapphire

I will be available, as an SAP Mentor, in the Orlando Line of Business Area on Wednesday, May 19th from 2-3 pm to discuss SAP enterprise mobility with anyone interested in that subject.  See you there! *************************************************** Kevin Benedict SAP Mentor, Mobile Industry Analyst, Founder/CEO Netcentric Strategies LLC Author of the report Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions, 2009 Mobile Strategy Consultant and Web 2.0 Marketing Services twitter: ***Full Disclosure: I am an independent mobility consultant and Web 2.0 marketing expert. I work with and have worked with many of the companies mentioned in my articles. ***************************************************

Sapphire 2010 Here We Come - The Year of Enterprise Mobility

I must admit it is a self-proclaimed year of mobility, but I believe it is appropriate.  I think enterprise mobility will be front and center everywhere you go at Sapphire next week.  There are many new and innovative mobile micro-applications that were launched last week by SAP partners. Business Indicators  by Leapfactor (iPhone) SAP EcoHub by Leapfactor (iPhone) Mowego Mobile Solutions by Vivido Labs SAP appointed me to be an SAP Mentor this year focused on enterprise mobility.  If any of you will be at Sapphire and would like to meet with me please contact me . *************************************************** Kevin Benedict SAP Mentor, Mobile Industry Analyst, Founder/CEO Netcentric Strategies LLC Author of the report Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions, 2009 Mobile Strategy Consultant and Web 2.0 Marketing Services http://mobil

Enterprise Mobility and SAP's McDermott on the Role of a CIO

I read an interesting interview  with SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott today in InformationWeek called Global CIO: Even Oracle and SAP Agree: The Tactical CIO Is Dead .  In the article McDermott is quoted as saying, "I have to say that with respect to CIOs, we have tremendous respect for them and their management and IT overall—but the business world has reached the point where if [the CIO] can't have a conversation that goes way beyond technology stacks to roadmapping business strategies and creating growth, those CIOs are just not gonna be relevant."  He then added, "For any IT project, hitting budget is okay and finishing on time is okay but what decision-makers really want is value--they want to know that these IT projects are going to steadily increase the company's ability to grow." As an SAP Mentor with an enterprise mobility focus, I always consider the implications for SAP enterprise mobility when I read statements like McDermott's above.  I can see

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Syclo's Jeff Kleban

I was able to track down Jeff Kleban EVP and co-founder of Syclo for a good talk this morning. He was kind enough to share his perspective on the world of enterprise mobility and the SAP ecosystem. To start, Jeff carries a BlackBerry 9700 series, and his favorite mobile application on it is Google Maps. He has been with Syclo from the beginning when there were only four people. Today, Syclo has over 135 employees. Syclo is one of three co-innovation partners of SAP in the world of enterprise mobility. The three are RIM, Sybase, and Syclo. SAP co-innovation partners share sales revenue, development efforts and product roadmaps with SAP. I wonder if the co-innovation partnership increases the prices of their solutions? I also wonder if having SAP define the roadmap will allow the co-innovation partners to innovate fast enough to keep up with the markets fast changing technologies? Jeff shared that SAP has designated some mobility applications and business processes as strategic. T

Mobile Solution Models, Part 2

Even the largest enterprises in the world may only have the need for 200 users of a particular custom mobile enterprise application.  For example, I worked on an enterprise mobility project in China that was incredibly complex and expensive to develop and the maximum number of users was about 200. The solution enabled a government agency to receive real-time quality inspection data on a massive bridge project.  They wanted each section of steel to be uniquely identified for quality purposes and the data stored in an archive with the government agency.  The engineering firm requested that my team develop the mobile application on a MEAP.  I sent my team to China to work on the requirements for a few weeks.  The solution was incredibly challenging to develop, but the end product was a work of art. Here is my point - this mobile enterprise solution was very expensive to develop, but worth every penny to the customer.  The solution enabled the engineering firm to be compliant to governm

Mobile Solution Models, Part 1

It appears there are at least six unique mobile solution models.  This is a dynamic list, a work in progress, so please help me understand other models that need to be added. Mobile middleware - often includes a mobile database, a server database, synchronization, and basic database integration tools and general guidelines for using the middleware with your software development projects.  Typically, you develop in the programming environment of your choice (e.g. .NET, PowerBuilder, C++, Visual Basic) and integrate, the mobile middleware into your applications. Mobile browser applications - these are light weight browser based applications that often provide a mobile view into a back office business application or database.  They do not provide access to the data collection tools and functionality available on many devices. SEAP Infrastructure (I made this up) - smartphone enterprise application platforms - supports the testing, deployment, integration, and operations of mobile micro

MEAPs, Thick Clients and Mobile Chain of Custody Applications

For people with HIV/AIDS in developing countries like Ethiopia, Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya, and Ghana, receiving AIDS mediation in a cost effective, secure and reliable manner is critical to saving the lives of millions.  In addition to the health crisis, the geographical challenges of trying to care for patients that live in remote villages where access to medical facilities is minimal is a huge obstacle. The challenge undertaken by global health organizations and companies funded by PEPFAR was to create a drug delivery system that would accomplish the following: Expedite the delivery process. Ensure the secure transfer of drugs. Provide visibility and transparency to participating agencies. Ensure accurate deliveries. Automate ARV drug processes that provide a rapid, regular, reliable supply of medications to patients. Provide a transactional record of the ARV drugs and test kits at every key point in the distribution chain. The bottom line goal was to provide a truly mobile chain