Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mobile Solution Models, Part 2

Even the largest enterprises in the world may only have the need for 200 users of a particular custom mobile enterprise application.  For example, I worked on an enterprise mobility project in China that was incredibly complex and expensive to develop and the maximum number of users was about 200.

The solution enabled a government agency to receive real-time quality inspection data on a massive bridge project.  They wanted each section of steel to be uniquely identified for quality purposes and the data stored in an archive with the government agency. 

The engineering firm requested that my team develop the mobile application on a MEAP.  I sent my team to China to work on the requirements for a few weeks.  The solution was incredibly challenging to develop, but the end product was a work of art.

Here is my point - this mobile enterprise solution was very expensive to develop, but worth every penny to the customer.  The solution enabled the engineering firm to be compliant to government requirements on a project worth over $5 billion. 

These types of customized mobile solutions, although very important, will never be developed for the masses.  These types of development projects need a MEAP with a powerful SDK (software development kit) so that changes in requirements can easily be made in the future by the users or by other developers. 

Custom mobile applications should be developed using a software development kit in a MEAP.  MEAPs will help future proof the mobile application by keeping up with changes in mobile operating systems and standards, while providing a development methodology and tools to speed up and manage development efforts.  In addition, integration, device management and production environments can all be managed using defined and documented processes.

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