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My Best Articles on Mobile Commerce Strategies 2015

In 2015, a master strategy for mobile commerce emerged.  Mobile apps need to be personalized, but that is not enough. Personalization without context, relevance, value to the customer and permission is just creepy and/or obnoxious.  We recognized a new kind of partnership is required between customers and trusted vendors.  One that requires a deeper level of earned trust, and one that provides mutual benefits through the sharing of data.  We call this relationship a MME Data Partnership. Parts of MME Data Partnerships can be found within many existing loyalty and rewards programs.  Although the purpose is rarely understood.  These programs define how the collection and use of specific data will be used to provide mutual benefits.  It is an overt agreement by both parties to share and use data in return for defined rewards.  Within a MME Data Partnership we found three types of data, we call 3D-Me, are needed to optimize a mobile user experience: Digital data - online and mobile

Instantly Personalizing Mobile Apps - Cutting Through Chaos

Unique Consumers and Unique Profiles Smartphones, laptops, PCs and in-store visits have made path-to-purchase journeys very complex and confusing for online retailers to recognize and support.  Consumers can search and discover products and services using a smartphone on their way to work.  In the evening they can pull out a tablet and engage in immersive research while laying in bed.  They may decide to review some more on their desktop at work, then at lunch time stop at a brick and mortar store to look at the product in more detail.  That evening, they purchase the product online using a laptop.  How is a retailer or e-tailer going to cut through this chaos and recognize individual consumers and their needs along their path-to-purchase journey? In our research at  Cognizant 's "Center for the Future of Work" we found online shoppers use different devices for different categories of products.  In fact, 56% of online shoppers use multiple devices on many online pat

Mobile Technologies Revealed: Web and Native App Development Strategies

Our resident Cognizant mobile and digital technology guru, Peter Rogers, shares his insights into web and native app development strategies in this guest post:  Enjoy! ******** Peter Rogers I often meet customers who want to transition web developers into mobile application developers. Apple has clearly tried to address this market using Swift but that does not offer a cross platform solution. Developers who have come through this transition will traditionally wrap the latest and greatest web framework (like Angular 2 or React) using Adobe Cordova through initiatives like Ionic. However great the latest web frameworks are though they can never compete with pure native mobile user interfaces powered by dedicated hardware acceleration. It may be a simple solution but the net result is never going to be present the best possible user experience and there will always be problems with Apple App Store submission and changes to WebView technologies designed to gently nudge developers t

Latest Research on Mobile Consumer Behaviors and Mobile App Requirements

I just finished a major research paper titled, "Cutting Through Chaos in the Age of Mobile Me."  Our findings reveal current mobile consumer behaviors, the challenges in creating mobile apps for them, and specific recommendations and business strategies for winning in an age of "Mobile Me."  Download the full report here . Video Link: ************************************************************************ Kevin Benedict Writer, Speaker, Analyst and World Traveler View my profile on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter @krbenedict Subscribe to Kevin's YouTube Channel Join the Linkedin Group Strategic Enterprise Mobility Join the Google+ Community Mobile Enterprise Strategies ***Full Disclosure: These are my personal opinions. No company is silly enough to claim them. I am a mobility and digital transformation