Friday, September 09, 2011

Enterprise Mobility - A Tank Half Full

Communicating with Pigeons
Seriously, I am talking about tanks.  Tanks as in Abrams, Tiger, T-34s or Shermans.  Did you know that at the beginning of WWII allied tanks did not even have mobile communications.  They had NO mobile radios.  Tanks were sent out into the battlefield with no effective way to communication with them or ask them to change plans, directions or missions.  Early tanks even used pigeons to communicate.

German forces on the other hand had mobile radios in all of their tanks and could communicate with HQ, nearby troops and aircraft.  This capability enabled them to provide real-time feedback and visibility into real-time events, which enabled rapid adaptation to changing situations in the field .  In addition, real-time mobile communications enable combined activities and collaboration between tanks, troops and aircraft that were never before possible.  This capability revolutionized military strategy.  This new capability enabled innovative strategist to develop new tactics.  

My new slogan this year is, Mobile Technology without Tactics is Wasted

The allied forces had mobile radios and communication technologies.  They had just not deployed them sufficiently, nor developed any new tactics designed to take advantage of them.  How many of today's enterprises have mobile technologies, but have not developed new strategies or tactics to take advantage of them?

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