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Mobile Marketing News Weekly – Week of July 29, 2012

The Mobile Marketing News Weekly is an online newsletter that is made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile marketing that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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A new study from IBM found that the share of smartphone shopping rose from 13.3 percent in Q1 to 15.1 percent in Q2. In the same period, social commerce dropped from an already low 2.4 percent to just 1.9 percent. Read Original Content

Mobile commerce is a huge growth area, PWC says, noting that Internet connected mobile devices combined with social networking “is creating a compelling case for businesses to embrace m-commerce”. Read Original Content

A recent Hipcricket survey found that 46 percent of smartphone owners have viewed a mobile ad, and 64 percent have completed at least one purchase as a result of mobile advertising. Read Original Content

The Associated Press and its iCircular division launched a mobile circular program last fall to help publishers monetize their growing digital audiences.  “The average retailer had a click-through rate 1000 percent higher than a traditional mobile ad unit at 6 percent, with mass merchandising retailers having click-through rates as high as 18 percent,” said Jeff Litvack of iCircular. Read Original Content

The shopping spree for InMobi continues apace. The mobile advertising network has announced the acquisition of UK-based Metaflow Solutions, a mobile app management and distribution company. Read Original Content

A new Millennial Media study indicates travel was the third-largest ad category on Millennial's network through the first quarter in terms of spending, after telecom and finance. It was also the third-fastest-growing segment in the last year -- behind sports and news, with 200 percent growth. Read Original Content

W3i, the monetization and distribution network for app developers, has released new user acquisition figures for the first half of 2012. W3i found the average cost-per-install of mobile apps increased by 70 percent on Android and by 56 percent on iOS. Read Original Content

New data out from Hipcricket indicates mobile shoppers may be highly influenced by targeted, mobile ads. Hipcricket’s research indicates more than half of smartphone owners have made a purchase after seeing a targeted mobile ad. Read Original Content

Google has purchased Wildfire Interactive—a startup that helps marketers manage their presences on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook—for $250 million, AllThingsD reports. Read Original Content

Mobile marketing apps can include just about anything a website can – but you wouldn’t want to go that route.  A mobile app is not a mobile website. Here are 7 features every mobile marketing app should have. Read Original Content

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s mobile ticketing initiative will soon be expanded not only to commuter train customers, but to commuting boats. Similar to an existing Starbucks or LevelUp app, the mobile application enables customers to use their credit or debit cards to put money on the mobile ticket, which is then accessible by phone. Read Original Content

The propensity for distraction when using devices may actually be part of the explanation for such high engagement and ad performance rates on devices, Joy Liuzzo, founder of research and advisory firm Wave Collapse, tells Mobile Marketing Daily. "When people are distracted, they are more likely to “play along” with advertisers and engage with an ad," she says. Read Original Content

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