Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Powell's Book Store, Confessions, and Mobile Strategies

Powell's City of Books
I am grateful that Powell's City of Books is located in the same general direction as my parent's home, or I must admit that my parents would not see me or my family as often.  I also confess to having returned with 16 additional books, when half of the books I got there on my last visit remain unread and stacked next to my bed.  Here is a sampling of the new titles:

  • Community Geography
  • The Future of War
  • Maphead
  • The Principles of War for the Information Age
  • The Art of Maneuver
  • The Army After Next
The book titled Community Geography is full of stories about how communities use GIS (geographical information systems) to improve their communities by doing things like crime fighting, identifying pollution sources, locating noxious weeds, tracking water quality and getting kids to school.  Much of this involves geo-tagging events and objects and then presenting geo-tags on a map to help visualize the environment so better decisions can be made.  Service organizations would be will served to understand these concepts and apply them in their mobile strategies and business plans.

The military themed books, The Future of War, The Principles of War for the Information Age, The Art of Maneuver and The Army After Next all provide insights into how to manage large numbers of people (mobile workforce), resources, assets, schedules and supplies using mobile technologies, real-time analytics, dashboards, GIS solutions and secure communications systems in the fog of war.

The aggregate of these books, if they deliver on their cover's promises, will provide additional insights as to how the commercial sector can better apply mobile technologies to their business strategies.

The remaining books are mostly on how to make better videos and how to use videos in business and educational environments.  I have a lot that needs to be improved in this area, but hopefully the nuggets of wisdom can still be gathered when you watch them.  If you missed any of my video interviews or video comments, you can view the archives here.

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