Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mobile Commerce News Weekly – Week of February 27, 2012

The Mobile Commerce News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news, articles and links related to mobile payments, mobile money, e-wallets, mobile banking and mobile security that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting market size and market trend information.

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It is no secret that many U.S.-based banks are in trouble. One reason for that are government regulations on overdraft and transaction fees that effectively zapped $25 billion in revenue from banks coffers. Mobile banking solutions provider Clairmail believes that mobile payments will be financial institutions saving grace. Read Original Content

New research from Nielsen’s upcoming U.S. Digital Consumer Report reveals that 29 percent of smartphone owners use their phone for shopping-related activities. Top activities among mobile shoppers include in-store price comparisons (38 percent), browsing products through their mobile Web or apps (38 percent) and reading online product reviews (32 percent). Read Original Content

In November Square had signed up 20,000 merchants for its payments product, Card Case, and four months later that number has more than doubled to over 40,000 businesses using the loyalty and mobile wallet platform. Read Original Content

Tech Endeavour structures a mobile application as a multi-layered application consisting of user experience, business, and data layers. The mobile application development process starts with definition of the mobile application, understanding key components, learning scenarios where it will be used, learning key patterns and technology considerations as well as identifying specific scenarios such as deployment, power usage and synchronization.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Tech Endeavour, http://www.techendeavour.com/.

Vodafone is set to roll out mobile payments with Visa. Vodafone, which has 400 million customers in more than thirty countries, is working with Visa to introduce a global Vodafone Mobile Wallet. Read Original Content

Moneto is bringing NFC chips to standard MicroSD card slots and using an Android app to add in basic NFC payment capability to almost any Android phone. Read Original Content

Finnish R&D company's HearMeFeelMe project is focused on how NFC could be used to improve the way elderly and visually impaired people interact with the world around them, including a system that allows product information to be recorded on an NFC tag and read back to the user via an NFC phone. Read Original Content

According to new research by Javelin, mobile banking adoption surged by 63 percent in 2011, rising to 57 million from 35 million in the United States, an increase of 22 million consumers in one year. Over the next five years, mobile banking is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3 percent. Read Original Content

As U.S. banking consumers continue to embrace mobile technology, the use of mobile banking services is expected to approach 50 percent by 2016 versus 15 percent today. Already today 39 percent of consumers say that having a mobile offering is either "extremely important" or "important" in their decision to switch primary banks. Read Original Content

The Payments Council, which is responsible for ensuring that payment services work in the UK, is building a central database that will allow customers to link their mobile phone number to any UK bank account they use. Read Original Content

Boku currently allows users to pay for digital items on Facebook and other online sites using a mobile phone number. The San Francisco payment startup is now offering a new service, Boku Accounts, which will allow operators to set up payment accounts for mobile users that will work in physical stores using MasterCardcards, NFC stickers and NFC-enabled phones. Read Original Content

Facebook is working with mobile operators to make phone-based payments easier and has launched an effort to standardize HTML5 to help developers write applications for more mobile handsets. Read Original Content

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