Monday, July 11, 2011

Field Mobility News Weekly - Week of July 11, 2011

The Field Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized a small group of airliners to allow pilots to use iPads rather than the traditional paper documents required for flying.  Read Original Content

Indian Railways is now accepting SMS text messages as passenger tickets.  They have also created a mobile ticket app for smartphones, moving towards a more efficient process.  Read Original Content

ABI Research shows that in 2010 the RFID market was valued at $5.3 billion and is projected to hit $6 billion by 2011.  Read Original Content

Michigan State University recently created an RFID program that allows smartphones to scan a package of beef which shows the age, breed, grade and farm origin of the specific animal.  Read Original Content

The city of Saint John in Canada has created a GPS mobile tracking system for the city’s mass transit fleet, allowing passengers to track bus progress and view arrival times from a mobile phone.  Read Original Content

The new iPhone app “Skin Scan” is said to be able to detect melanoma by using the app’s camera feature.  Read Original Content

Since 1995, Syclo has enabled hundreds of companies in 37 countries and industries supercharge their businesses with mobility.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Syclo.

Daily RFID has released a wristband RFID enabled device that allows marathon runners to be tracked as they race throughout the course.   Read Original Content

Hospitals in Texas are using iPhones and iPads to help make time spent with patients more efficient.  Physicians can access medical records and view x-rays using these devices.  Read Original Content

AT&T mHealth Solutions has created a mobile application that will help people with diabetes to manage their health through a mobile device.  This app is being tested by select AT&T and HCSC employees before the FDA can give proper clearance for national use.  Read Original Content

The new app “Boost Your Beauty” allows iPhone owners to visualize the changes in their physical feature’s after plastic surgery.  Read Original Content

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