Monday, November 22, 2010

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Syclo's Bill Moylan, Part 4

Bill Moylan, Syclo's EVP of Sales
This is part four of the an interview with Syclo's Bill Moylan.

Kevin:  What other trends are you seeing in the enterprise mobility market?

Bill:  We are actually still quite focused on the traditional market of field services.  We have a narrower view of enterprise mobility than perhaps you.  There are more devices, more operating systems and more choices for mobile devices, but the value propositions are much the same as we have been selling for sometime.

Kevin:  What do you predict will be different in 2011 in the enterprise mobility market?

Bill:  There will be a massive amount of options available for new mobile devices and operating systems.  This will allow Syclo to recommend exactly the right kind of mobile devices for each kind of job.  We will be announcing Android support soon.

Kevin:  What industry markets are you focusing on today?

Bill:  We really haven’t changed a lot over the years.  We focus on field services, oil and gas, manufacturing, plant maintenance, life sciences, government (a lot of local government), sales force automation, and just about any regulated industries where they must document everything in the field.

Kevin:  What are Syclo's key messages as a company?

Bill:  If you have a need for mobility, we are the experts.  We have deep knowledge and 15 years of experience. We can help you avoid many mistakes and implement very efficiently.  With our relationship with SAP, you can get technical support from either SAP or Syclo on our solutions.

Kevin:  How is your relationship with SAP?

Bill:  We are so excited about this relationship.  In three years we have doubled the size of our company. They (SAP) are bringing us into the highest levels of executives in companies.  Any frustrations that arise are nothing in comparison to the value we receive from the relationship.  SAP brings so much to the table.  They bring us into meetings that we would never have gotten to without them.

Kevin:  Who are your competitors today?

Bill:  People said Sybase, but that just wasn't the case.  We rarely saw Sybase in the market.  Sybase sold to IT organizations; we sold to the field services organizations.  We sold to different markets.  We have competed with Antenna and Dexterra.  The biggest competition is the “do nothing” crowd.  Many companies push mobile projects to phase 2 or 3 and do nothing today.  That isn't smart.  Why train the mobile workforce on a desktop interface they aren't going to use?

Kevin:  How has Syclo been able to grow over the years without external funding?

Bill : Good question! Rich is a genius. He built it out of his garage.

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