Friday, November 19, 2010

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Syclo's Bill Moylan, Part 2

Bill Moylan, EVP of Sales Syclo
This is the second part of this interview with Syclo's Bill Moylan.

Kevin:  What advice do you give companies that are just looking to get into mobility?

Bill:  Let me start out by giving some advice as to what companies should not do.  I have seen many companies that try to build a strategy around what smartphones they happen to have in their pocket. Some companies say to me, “We use BlackBerrys, so we need a mobile application for a BlackBerry.”  That is a wrong strategy, as mobile devices will change, but you want your enterprise mobility strategy to be long lasting.  That is not a good strategic view.

Companies have key business objectives; they are usually around reducing costs and increasing revenue. Companies should look at their objectives and then hunt for areas in the various operational areas where mobility can help the company accomplish them.  We work with a lot of life science companies.  They may be looking for ways they can improve the efficiencies of their 1,500 sales reps. Walk around the entire organization, look for people not chained to their desk and look for ways to improve their operations business, ignore the devices.

Kevin:  Do you see executives and board members starting to use iPads?  Are iPad users more interested in funding mobile projects?

Bill:  I see far more executives using BlackBerrys.  Since they use BlackBerrys they are always asking what they can do with them.  Often they are looking for approval management and things like that on BlackBerrys. I do see iPhones, but they are usually rogue iPhones.

Kevin:  How does a company prepare for mobility?

Bill:  The first step is that you need to understand your current processes.  Where are you today?  What are your current processes?
  • Measure the current processes. 
  • How much time do all your processes take? 
  • How long are you traveling? 
  • How long does it take to complete the work order? 
  • How often are your service technicians completing a repair on the first visit, and how many times do they have to come back for a second and/or third visit?
  • Are your service technicians bringing the right tools for the job? 
  • Do they have the right parts for the job?  
  • How long does it take to fix that particular piece of equipment?  
  • How much overtime am I paying? 
  • Can they move to a more planned maintenance model?  CMMS really help! 
I spoke to a company two months ago about problems or failures in their processes.  They said the two biggest problems were service technicians entering the categories of “other” and under this answer; they would add the second “other.” How can you use “other” to improve planning and processes?  How can you use “other” to improve predictability?  You need to require real answers that are useful answers.

“Be a work order.”  Pin a work order to your shirt and walk the process.  Understand all the hands that touch it, and all the steps.  No cheating!

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