Friday, November 19, 2010

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Syclo's Bill Moylan, Part 1

Bill Moylan, Syclo EVP of Sales
Bill Moylan, EVP of Sales at Syclo was kind enough to spend some time with me recently answering questions.  Syclo is a co-innovation partner of SAP.

Kevin:  What mobile device(s) do you personally carry?

Bill:  I am a mobile junkie! I have a BlackBerry 9700, iPhone, iPad, iPAQ, and I will occasionally carry a Symbol MC55.  I want to get an ES400. I have been a mobile junkie for years! I use the iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry every day.  The iPhone and iPad are mostly for personal use.  However, the BlackBerry is chained to my hand for work.  Oh yes, I have a Netbook in the livingroom to surf the internet while watching TV.  I also have a laptop, but it stays in the office.  I carry the iPad nowadays.

Kevin:  How do you carry them all, one in each pocket?

Bill:  No, I carry the iPhone and BlackBerry in the same pocket. I carry the iPad in my briefcase. The iPad is very useful.  I used the iPad for navigation this week on a three hour drive.  I sat in back and surfed the web on the long drive.

Kevin:  What is your favorite mobile application?

Bill:  The coolest mobile application that I have is called “Wine Snob.” At a restaurant, you can snap a photo of a bottle of wine, it captures the GPS, and it will instantly bring up the details and the retail price.  That way you can see how much you are overpaying for the wine!  You can rate the wine, see other people’s ratings and add comments; enter the restaurant name and the people with you.  It keeps a historic log of the wine you have drank, your ratings and the location you had it.

Kevin:  How romantic! A candle light dinner, you snapping photos of wine bottles, scanning ratings on your iPhone and complaining about overpaying.

Bill:  No, it is not very romantic, but my girlfriend loves it too. She often carries my iPad.  When my daughter is with me, she carries the iPad.

Kevin:  What is your average mobile application deal size now days?

Bill:  Average deal size – many are still SMEs, but average deal size is $250,000 because of smaller upgrades. Net new accounts are all $500,000-$1 million.  The deals with SAP are very substantial.

Kevin:  How is the SAP relationship going?

Bill:  The relationship is going very well.  I am on the road with SAP sales teams now all the time.  I just got back from a sales call with SAP.  It was with a company that does outsourced plant maintenance.  I was with the SAP area VP of sales and the account executive.  We had fun, as we got to see exactly what happens in the field.  I love being in the field, and I training my sales team to be very thorough in the discovery process, so we understand the value.

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