Monday, November 22, 2010

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Syclo's Bill Moylan, Part 3

Bill Moylan, Syclo's EVP of Sales
This is part three of this interview with Syclo's Bill Moylan.

Kevin:  Do you talk about improvements to DSO (days sales outstanding) as a value that may be available through better field services processes?

Bill:  Absolutely!  Make sure that all billing is done accurately.  Make sure you are providing the services in the SLA (service level agreement). Make sure you have all the warranty information.  Get the customer to sign off on the work.  SAP gives you a lot of strength in this area.

Kevin:  What mobile device trends are you seeing in your markets?

Bill:  Executives want BlackBerry applications.  Executives are trying to get IT to accept iPhones.

Kevin:  How are you working with Sybase?

Bill:  We are supporting the SAP Unwired Platform (Bill said this is the new name – it was formerly Sybase Unwired Platform).  We are talking to SAP about how we can bring sales and field services solutions closer together.  We can do both, but don’t want to infringe on Sybase as they are a close partner of ours.

Kevin:  What are you doing to support the SAP Unwired Platform?

Bill:  We will use key components of SUP and put our solutions on top of it.

Kevin:  What was the biggest surprise for you in enterprise mobility this year?

Bill:  SAP acquiring Sybase.  This has been fantastic.  SAP now says here is the platform, and here is the direction.  We can now focus on vertical solutions.  SAP has really made a commitment to mobility.  They put their money where their mouth is.  SAP is now going through a rigorous process of identifying all the mobile applications that are needed.

Kevin:  What are the biggest challenges that SAP faces around enterprise mobility?

Bill:  Educating the market about enterprise mobility.  You do a great job at educating the market Kevin, but it is still a need.  We have a complete program that is focused on educating SAP sales representatives about mobility, field services, perfect plant, and asset management.  It is needed.  The problem is that the SAP sales teams have so much to the learn, that they can’t learn it all.  SAP sales representatives really just call on experts when they find an opportunity.

Kevin:  What are some of the most interesting things you are working on now?

Bill:  We are working with a large utility on vegetation management.  They track vegetation growth with GPS and field data collection.  They are inspecting power poles and entering the data into an asset management system. We have a very nice GIS integration solution that supports for ESRI.

I believe there is a latent demand for field services automation within the SAP customer base.  With SAP’s push around mobility, there is a huge amount of interest now.

Kevin:  Tell me about your mobile security?

Bill:  We have security in all the key areas; on the device, over the air, device management, etc.  People are worried with letting sensitive data out of the office.

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