Monday, November 22, 2010

Ben Lee on the Mobile Wallet

Mobile retailing guru Ben Lee has written a very interesting blog article on Google's new mobile payment platform.  Some of the most interesting points are as follows:
  • Google’s next version of its Android Smartphone software will support a technology that lets people use their handsets, instead of credit cards.
  • Google CEO Eric Schmitt said that support for Near Field Communications will be integrated into the next version of its Android software.
  • Three of the four largest mobile phone carriers in the U.S. have formed a joint venture to turn phones into digital wallets.
  • Many mobile application developers will incorporate this new functionality into mobile retailing applications.
I also wrote about Near Field Communications in a blog article published on this site a few weeks ago.  Here is an excerpt, "Can you image the enormous changes mobile money will bring to the banking and credit/debit card industries?  MNOs (mobile network operators) are already involved in the mobile banking and online payment industry in Asia and Africa.  In Asia and Africa, where many people do not use banks or have bank accounts, wireless carriers are providing many banking functions."

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