Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Syclo and IBM's Maximo for Enterprise Asset Management

Many people know Syclo as a mobility partner of SAP, particularly in the EAM (enterprise asset management) space, but did you know they also work with IBM's Maximo in the EAM space?  I was reading today about Syclo's Smart Work Manager version 7.5 for Maximo.  Here is a list of some of the supported features and capabilities:

PSION's Durable Enterprise PDA
Work Orders
Short/long description
Priority and status
Field generated work requests
Data Capture
Parts and material used
Failure codes
Plans and Histories
Job plans
Safety plans
Equipment work order history
Advanced Functions
E-validation and E-signature
GPS, GIS enabled
Assignment Manager

An area of particular interest to me was the workflow description in Syclo's press release, "...your technicians are guided through intuitive, action-driven workflow to ensure they capture all relevant information - including work performed, failure codes, parts used, and more."  The ability to guide your workforce through specific tasks, in remote locations, using mobile apps is becoming increasingly important, especially in utilities where they are losing many of their most experienced workers due to retirement.

Enterprise asset management is one of those areas that many solutions come together.  A mobile EAM system can include:

  • Work orders (field service management)
  • Time and attendance (HR and payroll)
  • Parts and material used (inventory levels, suppliers, re-order, etc.)
  • Safety plans (worker safety and compliance) 
  • GIS/GPS tracking
  • etc.
Most mission critical mobility solutions, that offer competitive advantages, are not just one mobile app connected to one backend system.  It is a mobile app connected to many backend systems in unique combinations.


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