Thursday, November 03, 2011

Enterprise Mobility and Joe on the Plane

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Yesterday, Onyeka Nchege, CIO with Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated spoke about "Joe-on-the-Plane" at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Las VegasJoe-on-the-Plane is the guy who shows your boss all the cool stuff he can do on his iPad while sitting next to him/her on the plane.  Joe shows off the brilliant business intelligence charts he is using on the iPad.  He drills down to see the numbers with the swipe of his finger.  Joe claims these mobile apps are cheap and easy to implement, and wonders why any company with an IT department wouldn't have implemented these years ago. 

Joe-on-the-Plane is your worst enemy.  He has influenced your boss, or even worst, your boss' boss.

You must combat the evil influence of Joe-on-the-Plane.  You must already have a mobility strategy, mobility plan and a thorough mobility road map.  You must annihilate Joe-on-the-Plane with the "been-there-done-that" weapon, the "already-on-the-schedule" bomb, or the "I-have-an-even-better-idea" punch.  I love it!!!

Onyeka says the IT organization should be the thought leaders on mobility and take ownership of it.  They should not sit back and let Joe-on-the-Plane dictate your company's strategy and direction.  I agree!

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile Industry Analyst, Consultant and SAP Mentor Volunteer
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