Monday, September 26, 2011

Mobility ROI Weekly - Week of September 26, 2011, Part 1

This week I will publish several Mobility ROI reports (read Part 2 here), as I have a bunch of them that I have saved up over the past few weeks but have not had time to share.  The ROI (return on investment) report includes ROIs that I come across in my weekly research on the topic of enterprise mobility.  My goal is to create an archive of mobility ROIs that we can all use. I hope you find this useful.

Norton Rose Group, an international business law firm, needed a mobile solution for their employees so they would have full access to company resources and information while on business trips.  Mobileiron was chosen to provide a mobile solution for Norton Rose employees. The company received the following ROIs:
  • ROI - Increased productivity by enabling 1,800 employees on three continents the ability to access company resources while traveling between offices and while meeting with clients on business trips.
  • ROI - Employees could keep business related information separate from their personal information on mobile devices which enabled a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.  A BYOD policy provides the benefit of reducing capital expenses.
  • ROI - Extended the user choice for mobility beyond corporate issued BlackBerry devices to iPhones, iPads and more.  Again, a BYOD policy provides the benefit of reducing capital expenses.
  • ROI - Secured and protected sensitive information.  Having a secure mobility system was essential to supporting clients' needs for privacy and the workforce's need for mobility.
  • ROI - Cost reduction by enabling different regions to set-up different policies and configurations to ensure compliance with local regulations.  This eliminated the need for different MDM (mobile device management) systems in different regions that would have increased costs.
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Click Software recently provided Angilan Water, a UK based utility company, with a range of mobile enterprise solutions that included mobile-based scheduling and management programs that allowed employees to work more efficiently. The reported ROIs were:
  • Increased service levels by 33 percent
  • Reduced average travel per job by 24 percent
  • Decreased the works backlog by 95 percent in some process areas
  • Decreased overtime by 11 percent
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Helzberg Diamonds needed an easy way for their traveling employees to have access to relevant, updated data on inventory while on business trips.  Webalo was chosen to provide a mobile tool that gave employees the ability to access store inventory data through a handheld device.  The ROIs that followed were:
  • ROI - Increased productivity by enabling Helzberg employees to access company data while traveling across country.
  • ROI - Access to enterprise data via Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, or Java-enabled devices enabled Helzberg employees to choose the best device for their needs.
  • ROI - Improved productivity and efficiencies by enabling Helzberg executives to view their sales reports and retail totals for all stores within a region on their mobile devices while traveling.
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