Monday, September 26, 2011

Mobility ROI Weekly - Week of September 26, 2011, Part 2

This week I will publish several Mobility ROI reports (this is 2/3), as I have a bunch of ROIs that I have saved up over the past few weeks but have not had time to share. The ROI (return on investment) report includes ROIs that I come across in my weekly research on the topic of enterprise mobility. My goal is to create an archive of mobility ROIs that we can all use. I hope you find this helpful.

Aclaim Pallet Express recently installed a fleet telematics system using Trakm8 technology. Since the installation they have experienced a number of key benefits that contribute to their ROI:
  • ROI - reduced vehicle downtime and associated costs.
  • ROI - driving practices were adjusted and fuel costs reduced as a result of management's ability to monitor and supervise the driver's habits and routes. 
  • ROI - reduced fuel costs as a result of using more efficient routes.
  • ROI - reduced maintenance costs by developing more responsible driving habits.
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Webalo was chosen by University Hospitals Burmingham to outfit hospital employees and members of the National Health Service with mobile enterprise applications for their Blackberry devices. This allowed both Specialists at the University Hospitals and Doctors throughout the region to remotely access critical information and communicate with each other through their devices. The reported ROI’s were:
  • ROI - improved productivity and efficiencies as a result of pharmacists responding to requests for medication by looking up– from their smartphones – the details and characteristics of any of the 86,000 available drugs and instantly provide advice about suitability, availability and, if necessary, substitutions.
  • ROI - improved productivity and care as a result of doctors being able to obtain real-time assistance from UHB’s specialists. Once assistance is requested, Webalo connects the consulting physician to the details of the case, updates the records with the notes and advice provided by the consultant, and makes it all part of the patient’s permanent medical history.
  • ROI - the system has greatly accelerated the speed of diagnosis and treatments as a result of the use of the mobile solution.
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Panasonic Toughbooks are being used by ambulance service crews to record patient information and to update hospitals with time sensitive information while on route with patients. The use of Toughbooks in ambulances has the following ROIs:
  • ROI - important and critical health information can be sent to the receiving hospital ahead of the patient’s arrival which improves care and efficiency.
  • ROI - the number of unnecessary patient transfers will be reduced as a result of real-time and mobile data exchanges. 
  • ROI - driving efficiencies as a result of improved routing.
  • ROI - once this system is rolled out nationally, the savings could be as high as £150m annually.
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