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Mobility News Weekly - Week of September 12, 2011

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Internet radio company Pandora’s usage on mobile and other connected devices is 70 percent of its total usage.  Mobile revenue in the second quarter of 2011 was about half of all revenue the company generated.  The company reported revenue of $67 million, up 117 percent from a year ago, beating Wall Street expectations of $60.3 million.  Read Original Content

Microsoft is spending millions of dollars in training sales staff from phone companies worldwide as it tries to grow its so far unpopular mobile operating system.  Achim Berg, Microsoft's head of Windows Phone marketing, told Bloomberg that forecasts by analysts that the operating system will have a 20 percent market share by 2015 are conservative.  Read Original Content

Securing mobile devices is one of the biggest challenges facing IT security professionals as cyber criminals turn their attention to this platform, according to James Lyne, director of technology strategy at security firm Sophos.  Read Original Content

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SAP and Sybase have announced the latest release of Sybase Unwired Platform. The 2.1 release will enrich the mobile application development experience through significant enhancements to its SDK and new developer resources for the more than 2 million members of SAP Community Network.  Read Original Content

Android will be installed on 37 percent of all smartphone handsets in the country by year-end, up 13 percent over 2010.  Apple will likewise see its OS increase, but only slightly, from 28 percent of the market last year to 29 percent this year.  iOS will continue to inch upward in market share through 2013, but by that year Android will hold more than two-fifths of the U.S. smartphone market.  Read Original Content

With an increasing number of people in India using work-related solutions on the go and declining prices of smartphones and tablet PCs, enterprise mobility market in the country is expected to reach about $1 billion by 2015.  Read Original Content

With Windows 8, Microsoft might just have what it takes to at least threaten iOS and Android.  Microsoft’s operating system, which is slated to launch sometime next year, won’t hurt Android or iOS in the smartphone space. The software giant still hopes its Windows Phone 7 makes a dent there.  Check out these 10 reasons why Windows 8 is in a good spot to challenge these other tablet operating systems.  Read Original Content

Upgraded BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Torch smartphones, which have improved operating systems, were rolled out last month by RIM, and analysts' estimates compiled by Thomson Reuters are looking for RIM's second-quarter revenue to reach $4.5 billion.  Read Original Content

Analysts have reported that Microsoft Corporation and Google could spark smartphone fragmentation due to the recent patent battles between the giants.  Read Original Content

AT&T has announced that it would add three new 4G smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5, aka "Mango," in the fourth quarter.  The three new devices are the HTC Titan, with a 4.7-inch screen; the Samsung Focus S, with a 4.3-inch display; and the Samsung Focus Flash, with a 3.7-inch screen.  Read Original Content

Smartphone shipments outstripped feature phone shipments in Western Europe for the first time during the second quarter of 2011 said market researcher IDC in a recent study.  Smartphone shipments grew to reach 52 percent of the total mobile phone shipments within the region during the second quarter of 2011 - an increase of 48 percent year over year to 21.8 million units. Feature phone shipments dropped by 29 percent to 20.4 million units.  Read Original Content

Independence Blue Cross has announced the launch of IBX Mobile, a new smartphone application that helps members manage their health plan when they need it most, whether at home, at their doctors' office, or on the go.  Read Original Content

Verizon Wireless is rebooting its application store for smartphones after a lackluster first attempt.  The new storefront, called Verizon Apps, will be presented for free to Verizon customers with Droid phones. It will coexist with Google's Android Market, which comes preloaded on all of its phones.  Read Original Content

Makers of DialMyCalls, the extremely popular voice broadcasting service with more than 20,000 users, launched their mobile application for both the iPhone and Android platforms.  Users of their service can now download the popular mass notification system for free directly to their mobile phones from iTunes or the Android Market.  Read Original Content

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