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Extending the Use of Mobile Software and Handheld PDAs at the Airport

I have been away the past 10 days on vacation and noticed several uses for mobile handheld PDAs that I wanted to share. The customer service folks at the Detroit airport, the people pushing the wheel chairs, were all using MC 70 handheld computers from Motorola/Symbol. This is the first time I have seen this category of worker using handheld PDAs and mobile software for dispatch. As I watched them, they would check them about every two minutes as new dispatches were sent out. It appeared that all dispatches were sent out, and available customer service staff would respond. As I watched, I wondered if each dispatch had a unique work order number and was invoiced to the various airlines. I did not get the chance to follow-up, but that is how it appeared. - Kevin Benedict

Mobile Handheld PDA Technology in a Slow Economy

Slow economic periods are a time for reflection for many companies. Understanding how to react to an economic downturn is one of the hardest tasks for a manager. The focus must be on accomplishing more with less and reducing inefficiencies. How can you provide more services per person, lower administrative costs and reduce expenses while at the same time providing quality work and good customer services? This article is intended to help the reader start the process of self-evaluation - to explore where inefficiencies may be lurking in your own unique business environment. The use of PDAs, Handhelds and other mobile software technologies, in the context of field services automation, is most often driven by the following 12 business motivations: 1. Efficiencies in communicating information between the office and the remote service technician or jobsite 2. Efficiencies in planning and scheduling work based upon location, parts and expertise needed 3. Reducing fuel costs 4. Reducing tra

Status of the Mobile Business Application Market for PDAs and Handhelds

I talk a lot. I talk to many other executives who work in the wireless mobility, handheld computer, enterprise software and PDA markets. We share views and experiences from these industries. Here is a summary of what I am hearing these days: The handheld barcode scanner market is hurting. The traditional warehouse and retail markets are not spending money. With shrinking sales, the handheld barcode scanner market is suffering from decreasing margins and more competition Sales people in the handheld barcode scanner industry are leaving under pressure to increase sales in a tough market with shrinking opportunities Tradeshows and conferences are suffering due to the high costs of fuel and travel in a slow economy The market segment for wireless mobile business software applications (where MobileDataforce plays) is the fastest growing segment of the wireless mobility market. The field work force continues to suffer from a large amount of inefficiencies that companies must fix in t

Custom Mobile Applications for PDAs and Handhelds or Off-The-Shelf?

Definition of "Off-The-Shelf" software: A software application that is pre -developed and can be used by many companies in the same industry. Our clients often ask the following question: Should they buy a mobile application pre -developed for PDAs and handhelds for less money? The answer may be yes if they have a business exactly the same as many other companies and mobile software is available that fits it. The challenge most companies have is that some percentage of their business processes are unique. Some portion of their enterprise software or database applications have been configured specifically for their own unique preferences. Perhaps competitive business processes are the secret to their success. If this is the case - it is highly likely that a customized mobile application may be both necessary and advantageous. Often successful businesses have developed unique business processes, unique methodologies and specific techniques that provide competitive advantages.

Mobile PDA Solutions & Medicine in Ethiopia

This picture is of MobileDataforce's consultant, Will Hannold at Bete Giorgis in Lalibela in Ethiopia. He was working on a mobile handheld PDA software project to track the distribution of medicines to clinics. This is a government sponsored project that enables the development of a solid supply chain management system to be deployed throughout the country using mobile PDAs, handheld barcode scanners and enterprise mobile software technologies from MobileDataforce .

Smart Meters, Mobile Handheld PDA Solutions & Utilities

MobileDataforce is working on a number of very powerful mobile handheld PDA applications to help electrical and water utilities manage the maintenance, installation and repair of meters. These applications contain several different software components including: Work Orders Digital photos of meters before, during and after installation Safety inspections and reporting Mapping/GPS Inventory Logistics These applications are integrated with mapping software to enable the user to view current, future and past jobsite locations. MobileDataforce is working on many custom mobile software projects for water and electrical utility companies and contractors both in North America, South Africa and in Europe. Please visit our website or contact us if you would like to discuss your mobile field data collection or work order project requirements.