Friday, June 06, 2008

Status of the Mobile Business Application Market for PDAs and Handhelds

I talk a lot. I talk to many other executives who work in the wireless mobility, handheld computer, enterprise software and PDA markets. We share views and experiences from these industries. Here is a summary of what I am hearing these days:

  • The handheld barcode scanner market is hurting. The traditional warehouse and retail markets are not spending money. With shrinking sales, the handheld barcode scanner market is suffering from decreasing margins and more competition

  • Sales people in the handheld barcode scanner industry are leaving under pressure to increase sales in a tough market with shrinking opportunities

  • Tradeshows and conferences are suffering due to the high costs of fuel and travel in a slow economy

  • The market segment for wireless mobile business software applications (where MobileDataforce plays) is the fastest growing segment of the wireless mobility market. The field work force continues to suffer from a large amount of inefficiencies that companies must fix in tough times in order to be competitive. Thus this market is growing when many other segments are not