Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kevin Benedict's What's New in HTML5 - Week of July 15, 2012

Every week we search all of our sources and contacts for news and developments around HTML5.  I hope you find these weekly updates useful.

Now for the news...

The U.K.’s Swanify, specializing in cross-platform development using HTML5 technology, has been selected to develop a mobile app framework for IPC Media publications.  Read Original Content

Neil Goodman weighs the pros and cons of HTML5 mobile apps in this article “Thoughts on HTML5 Based Mobile Apps”.  Read Original Content

Games portal Itsmy has launched a cloud-based HTML5 gaming service for smart TVs and set-top boxes, enabling users to play games using a TV remote control or a smartphone app from the TV manufacturer.  Read Original Content

Micro Focus has developed a mobile app testing solution to enable companies to create mobile business applications.  The Silk Mobile tool provides functional testing of apps on mobile devices across multiple platforms including HTML5, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.  Read Original Content

Figures from Nielsen research indicate that mobile app users devoted 58 percent of their time on the top 50 native apps in March 2012, a decrease from the 74 percent devoted to the top 50 apps in 2011. The time spent overall with native apps, however, doubled from March 2011 to March 2012.  According to eMarketer, the increasing functionality of HTML5 may close the gap between the performance of mobile websites and native mobile apps.    Read Original Content

Mobile tech startup bMobilized has introduced a do-it-yourself tool that converts any website into a full-featured HTML5 mobile site.  Read Original Content

The New York Times finds that native apps, designed for specific operating systems and devices, still have an edge over HTML5 technology.  “There just isn’t an industry standard way to deliver ads into HTML5 apps,” states Michael Finkel, director of Web product and emerging technologies. Read Original Content

Hunter Loftis of Skookum Digital Works shares 20 HTML5 mobile development tips along with an interactive demo in this article -

The Dolphin Engine browser (in Beta) is now the fastest HTML5 browser for mobile, with a score of 450.  Chrome and Opera Mobile have scores of 371 and 369 respectively, the highest for current mobile browsers.  (  Read Original Content

The latest version of the data visualization system from Panopticon Software supports a new HTML5 thin client for tablet deployments, enabling organizations to make interactive dashboards available to mobile users without additional software or browser plugins.  Read Original Content

MyOVS has introduced an HTML5 mobile web application suite for SAP HCM with a new UI optimized for all major smartphones.  Read Original Content

The Arts Council and the BBC released a new project, 60 Years in 60 Poems, an HTML5-based multimedia platform to appreciate 60 years of poetry in a new way.  Read Original Content

U.S. Olympic sponsor BP funded an HTML5 video site which highlights the life and training of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  Read Original Content

HTML5 game engine Playcraft Labs has officially launched, and founder Martin Wells states he believes HTML5 will become the standard over Flash for web game development, as it is “accelerating and getting better”.  Read Original Content

Flash and HTML5 publishing platform Wix announced that users have built more than one million sites using their HTML5 tools in the last three months.  Read Original Content

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