Monday, June 18, 2012

Field Mobility and M2M News Weekly – Week of June 17, 2012

The Field Mobility and M2M News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends.

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Mojix has announced the availability of their new Mojix STAR 3000 RFID system, capable of locating passive RFID sensors in large areas with coverage in excess of 200,000 square feet.  Read Original Content

Tanning product company New Sunshine is using RFID technology to protect its products and consumers from illegal product diversion.  Read Original Content

Over 40 of Iowa’s 99 counties are incorporating a system at the polls to scan barcodes on driver’s licenses and voter registration cards to check in voters.  Read Original Content

Since 1995, Syclo has enabled hundreds of companies in 37 countries and industries supercharge their businesses with mobility.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by Syclo.

DataDyne has developed a cloud-computing application, EpiSurveyor, which will utilize mobile devices to make real-time electronic data collection possible for nonprofit and government organizations.  Read Original Content

Vehicle mount mobile computers may be a solution to some of the challenges of warehouse operations.  They must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, have keypads that are accessible to drivers wearing heavy gloves, and come equipped with full screen displays that are visible in different lighting environments.  Read Original Content

An M2M solution from web-based telematics provider, Traffilog, will be installed in public service vehicles in the U.K. in time for the 2012 Olympic Games to ensure passenger comfort, safety and security.  Read Original Content

GammaTech’s newest rugged notebook, the Durabook U12Ci, was designed to meet the needs of public safety professionals, able to withstand unpredictable and harsh environments.  Read Original Content

Results of a clinical trial conducted at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts revealed that patients with contact-free wireless sensors saw a 45.9 percent reduction in the average stay in the ICU.  Read Original Content

To combat periodic lulls in business, Korean Emart placed 3D QR code sculptures throughout the city of Seoul that could only be scanned between noon and 1 pm each day and consumers who scanned the 3D codes were rewarded with discounts at the store during those quiet shopping hours.  Read Original Content

ILS Technology provides ready-to-use cloud based platforms to implement and manage M2M (machine to machine) and embedded wireless devices that connect to SAP.  ILS Technology simplifies deployments and offers unparalleled security to protect company and customer data and to ensure regulatory compliance. This newsletter is sponsored in part by ILS Technology.

M2M company Wireless Logic predicts that the number of its SIM sales will reach one million by the end of 2012.  Read Original Content

SuperGeo has announced that their newest mobile GIS SDK, SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3.1, will be available in the near future.  Read Original Content

The Statesboro Georgia Public Works and Utilities departments will utilize Freeance Mobile software to build custom mobile GIS applications for their field workers, allowing the field crews to find system locations and map new features with their mobile devices.  Read Original Content

The combination of GPS and IPS (Indoor Positioning System) used with smartphones could be a solution for law enforcement officers needing assistance or businesses needing to locate employees.  Read Original Content

ServiceM8 has launched a new iPhone and iPad field service management app for small businesses, focusing on job management.  Read Original Content

Kristen Hoppe details five ways field service automation can help businesses achieve a higher ROI with this post on DecisionPoint Systems’ website.  Read Original Content

M2M cellular carrier Aeris Communications has partnered with Tech Mahindra to extend the global reach of Aeris' M2M cellular network and increase Tech Mahindra's ability to offer the M2M platform to cellular operators worldwide.  Read Original Content

Identive Group, Inc. has announced that it is providing 266,000 smart card readers to a U.S. government agency for secure authentication and email encryption.  Read Original Content

Panasonic and Becrypt are collaborating to supply secure and rugged mobile solutions to UK government and MOD/Defense Contractor organizations.  Read Original Content

NCR Corporation has developed new software to enable consumers to initiate cash withdrawals from their bank accounts on mobile devices, and then scan a 2D barcode at an ATM to complete the transaction.  Read Original Content

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