Friday, July 01, 2011

London Eggs with Benedict Mobility Breakfast Series, July 1st

Eggs with Benedict London
Today we wrapped up the marathon Eggs with Benedict mobility series in sunny London.  Five countries in 5 days.  It is very hard to remember your hotel room number after 5 different hotels.  I was excited to address our biggest audience of the week and dive down into more enterprise mobility discussions.  Our audience included a large multinational company with over 80,000 employees and 40,000 supported IT users, SAP consultants, mobility consultants with a background in Syclo integrations and others with SAP financial backgrounds.

It is a joy to meet people who enjoy and appreciate the complexities of enterprise mobility.  We explored the following issues and topics today:
  • Mobile security models
  • Mobile app development strategies
  • Change Management involving the mobile workforce
  • SMS solutions
  • Mobile BI
  • Mobile UIs
  • Rugged handhelds
  • SAP Mobile Workflow apps
  • SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform)
  • Afaria
  • ClickSoftware
  • Syclo
  • MEAPs
  • M2M 
    Rob Fiddaman,
    K2 Partnering 

I also heard how difficult consultants have it when they need an SUP trial license for a client.  They phoned their client's SAP AE for a trial license, but no one at SAP seemed to know how to get a trial license of SUP.  There was a long drawn out process, before it was finally resolved.  The consultants say there are still many processes that need to be worked out between SAP and Sybase.

I learned from an attending large manufacturer of construction materials that they use M2M (machine to machine) technologies to monitor not just assets, but business processes.  They know, with M2M sensors, when a cement truck starts pouring cement and stops.  They said they use M2M technologies to gain visibility into processes.  I love it!  Very interesting!  They said the biggest challenges with M2M is the cost of building logic around how to best use this data from the field.  It needs to be consumed in a system that can benefit from it.
James Common
K2 Partnering

I am exhausted but happy.  I want to thank all those who joined us and shared their thoughts and experiences.  I also want to thank K2 Partnering's Rob Fiddaman and James Common who hosted the events, guided me along and who sponsored this educational tour and made it free for all attendees.  It was a pleasure to spend time with them this week.  They are talented folks with a passion for technology and providing talented resources to their clients.

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