Monday, May 02, 2011

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Look for this!
We have been improving the Mobile Enterprise Strategies site over the past couple of months by adding some new technologies.  This article highlights these new technologies and how to take advantage of them.  The purpose and goals of these changes are to make the information on the site easier for you to consume.

  1. We have added the ability to listen to recorded interviews, rather than just read my notes about them.  This removes me, as an imperfect translator, from the process.
  2. We created a YouTube channel, and uploaded the recordings to the YouTube channel so you could subscribe, watch or listen to them.  However, YouTube has its own limitations.  Recordings over 15 minutes need to be broken into multiple parts, and you need a live connection to YouTube to listen to the recordings.
  3. We created a new site to publish podcasts.  Blogger, where my main blog is hosted, does not support embedded podcasts or podcast subscriptions.  Therefore, we set up an additional site that enables you to subscribe to my podcasts on your Apple iTunes account and have all new podcasts downloaded to your mobile devices automatically when you sync.  You only need to subscribe once.  Now you can listen to my obnoxious voice when you are on the beach, in a duck blind, camping, driving, having a romantic candlelight dinner, or on vacation any where in the world.  Just click on this link and look for the image shown above.  Click on it and you are subscribed.
I hope some of these improvements are...well, actually improvements.

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