Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mobile Expert Video Series: Leapfactor's Luis Cabrera

At Sapphire 2010 last week I heard Leapfactor mentioned in keynotes and many other presentations by SAP mobility experts. I saw one SAP VP demonstrating a very powerful iPad application that SAP has in a proof-of-concept that was developed by Leapfactor. I also saw that the SAP iPhone application "SAP EcoHub" (free and available on iTunes) was developed by Leapfactor.

I was lucky enough to track down Luis Cabrera from Leapfactor last week and I interviewed him on camera about Leapfactor's focus and solutions including:

  • Business Indicator - A powerful dashboard for business analytics on iPhones and iPads
  • Business Alerts and Notifications - Send alerts to mobile devices based on parameters set up in your SAP system
  • Business Approvals - Enable mobile managers to approve or reject various issues in SAP workflows

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