Thursday, August 27, 2020

A Pandemic's Impact on Innovation, Industry and the Future with Author and TCS Expert Ved Sen

In this episode, I catch up with TCS’ innovation and digital transformation expert Ved Sen just 24 hours after his return from India.  We discuss the pandemic's impact on innovation, priorities, industries, and consumers around the world.  This future-focused deep dive discussion is special and gives insights into what is happening in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Interview Questions and Answers: Q1: What is it like to do international travel in the age of COVID? What was your experience? A1: 0:52 Q2: What is the mandate of your group there? What are you tasked to do? A2: 2:26 Q3: How do you see the Covid-19 pandemic really affecting digital transformation? A3: 5:06 Q4: What industries do you see that are really being impacted the most, right now, due to Covid-19? A4: 11:07 Q5: How do you see that impacting the world of the future of work? How did TCS address this change in the work environment? A5: 17:40 Q6: Consumers are changing their buying behaviors, what are you seeing from your perspective? A6: 25:26 Q7: What technology did you have your eye on and how has it changed after the pandemic? A7: 31:17
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