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Micron on the Role of Memory in Digital Transformation, AI, VR, Mobility and IoT

Have any of you spent time considering how digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IoT, mobility and virtual and augmented reality are impacted by computer memory? Me neither until this week at GSMA's Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.  I had the privilege of interviewing Micron Technologies' Gino Skulick, II and getting educated on it.  Very cool information!!! Download my latest tech trends report with charts and data sources here: Follow Kevin Benedict on Twitter @krbenedict, or read more of his articles on digital transformation strategies here: Artificial Intelligence Out of Doors in the Kingdom of Robots How Digital Leaders are Different The Three Tsunamis of Digital Transformation - Be Prepared! Bots, AI and the Next 40 Months You Only Have 40 Months to Digitally Transform Digital Technologies and the Greater Good Video Report: 40 Months of Hyper-Digital Transforma

Sensors and AI in the Kingdom of Robots

Fingerspitzengef├╝hl : Is a German word used to describe an ability to maintain attention to detail in an ever-changing operational and tactical environment by maintaining real-time situational awareness.  The term is synonymous with the English expression of "keeping one's finger on the pulse".  The problem with traditional fingerspitzengef ├╝ hl, in addition to pronouncing it - is it is hard to scale.  Today, however, in a world of sensors, GPS and mobile devices, having real-time situational awareness is far easier than ever before.  In fact, today the challenge is not how to do it (answer: sensors), but what to do with all the information. There are many dimensions of data that are available for work outside the four walls, which is mobile, remote and dynamic.  We all know about 3 dimensional (longitude, latitude and altitude), but there are many more.  We contrive: Time Start and stop tasks times Travel times Traffic conditions Available workforces and assoc

How Digital Leaders are Different

We asked 50 futurists, professionals employed to review trends and develop strategy, to identify and rank the top five ways they believe digital transformation will drive value generation between now and 2020.  Here are their top five answers: Accelerates speed to market Strengthens competitive positioning Boosts revenue growth Raises employee productivity Expands ability to acquire, engage and retain customers These top five value generators offer significant business advantages; but if your organization can achieve them faster than your competitors, there is a bonus advantage.  We call it the Ax2 phenomenon (advantages have advantages). Not only do digital leaders realize competitive advantages before others, but they also have the advantage of insights from new data, which leads to new actions and new insights not yet understood or possible for laggards.  Research In Motion (RIM), the progenitor of the Blackberry, responded slowly to Apple’s launch of the iPhone. Years