Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Growth of Cloud-Based Mobile Platforms

This morning I was reviewing the preliminary results of my "State of Enterprise Mobility 2013" survey.  Over 210 people have now completed it.  Thank You!!!!! The results are very interesting and point to many changes in perceptions and preferences year-over-year.  Stay tuned here for the complete and final results soon.

I was surprised to see that 34.7% of participants now prefer cloud-based mobile platforms.  That is especially meaningful when you consider 23% don't even use a mobile platform.  If my math is right, 45% of those that use or want to use a mobile platform prefer a cloud-based platform.  That is meaningful.

On the topic of mobile security, 42.7% of survey participants prefer a cloud-based mobile security platform.  Since 10.7% don't choose to use mobile security platforms, that means 48% of those that do or plan to use a mobile security platform prefer a cloud-based one.

Please add your thoughts and opinions to this quick survey here:

The preliminary results definitely show a growing preference for cloud-based platforms.  That is good news for cloud-based mobile platform companies like  FeedHenry is specifically designed for cloud-based enterprise mobility deployments.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Steve Drake, VP of Business Development at FeedHenry.  You may remember his work at IDC over the past 16 years where he built up their mobility and telecom practice.

The focus of FeedHenry is to provide the next generation, cloud-based mobile enterprise application solution that simplifies the development, deployment and management of mobile apps for enterprises. They believe they have a better platform, that is more flexible and agile than heavy on-premise competitors.  They also believe their pricing is much more rational and better suited to a cloud-based environment than other vendors with a primary focus of on-premise platform deployments.

FeedHenry is popular with telecoms and they have big channel partners in Telefonica and O2.

They also believe there is a big difference between platforms designed from the ground up for on-premise and from the sky-down for cloud.  Their platforms are designed for cloud-based environments, which is a good place to be based upon my survey data.

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