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HTML5’s Future – Comments and Predictions!

I thought it would be interesting to research and collect quotes from various mobility experts on the topic of HTML5.  I hope you find this useful!

Jason Grigsby, Vice President of Cloud Four (quoted in 2009)

“HTML5 is going to be be a big deal and it will be relevant much sooner than people think.”

“…the adoption of HTML5 will be driven by the needs of mobile, not the needs of desktop developers.”

• Yuval Brisker, CEO of TOA Technologies

“…it’s clear that the HTML5 revolution is in full swing. And those in the know are both impressed and supportive...we have embraced HTML5 in its totality in order to provide deep enhanced mobility to our customers worldwide.”

• David Semeria, creator of LM (a general purpose system for creating, deploying and monetizing code and content)

“I started out as a big believer in HTML 5 on mobile - and I'm still convinced that over time it will win. However, once you actually get into the nitty gritty, it's clear native apps will be around for quite some time.  It's all about processing power. “  and

• Gil Bouhnick, Director of Mobile Solutions at ClickSoftware

”2013: The war is over, most enterprise mobility solutions are now using HTML5.  With or without native extensions, by 2013 I predict that the war will be over. No one in the enterprise software industry will start a project just for iPhone, or just for Windows Phone 7. HTML5 will be a certified standard or very close to that.”

• ABI Research Study

“By 2016 more than 2.1 billion mobile devices will have HTML5 browsers, up from just 109 million last year."

“The introduction of HTML5 features will fundamentally, dramatically change the Web, as browsers will be able to access the computer's or mobile’s capabilities, such as file read/write, etc. The web will become smarter, more personalized, and intuitive. HTML5 features will enable the web to challenge native applications in terms of rich user experiences.”

• John Marshall, CEO of AirWatch

“Upgrading AirWatch to HTML5 allows us to further ensure the user experience is more productive, meaningful and efficient.”

• Toni Sacconaghi, Sanford Bernstein Analyst

“Ultimately over time, a significant migration away from native apps to webapps could have meaningful repercussions for the mobile industry; users would gain portability of apps across devices, and the browser would assume an increasingly important role for users at the expense of the device’s OS.”

-Moshe BenBassat, CEO/Founder of ClickSoftware

We believe that HTML5 is the key for a cross platform, device agnostic, mobile applications. ClickSoftware's enterprise mobility products for workforce management and service optimization are designed as productivity tools for both the enterprise's employees as well as its customers. Even if an enterprise can decide on a standard device for its employees (which we doubt can be implemented as people are looking to use their own personal devices for work purposes …), it certainly cannot do so for its customers. Hence the importance of being device agnostic. Our ClickMobile Professional is already being used worldwide and as time progresses we are expecting a significant growth in the HTML5 customer base.

HTML5 can do what web technologies did to enterprise desktop applications 10 years ago: it can become the standard, allowing not only multiple platforms support but also zero footprint solutions to the mobile world. We think this is great. HTML5 has the potential to become the great liberator of users, administrators and vendors, bringing in a new era of innovation and productivity.

We believe that the trend by some companies to develop their own proprietary native HTML5 "containers" is bad for the evolution of HTML5. ClickSoftware's approach is to keep the "native" code to the minimum, as we believe that the standard browsers will soon be sufficient to support all required functionality including interaction with the hardware. Some platforms already support that today. ClickSoftware will continue to build thin HTML5 based applications supporting the technology and helping it evolve.

• Rob Chandhok, President of Internet Services at Qualcomm (as told to CNET’s Roger Cheng)

“We see HTML5 and web-based mobile applications as the way it will end up.”

• Daniel Terdiman of CNET, quoting Mike McCue, founder of Flipboard

“McCue's most striking comment was that he expects a rapid transformation of mobile Web content in the next few years as a result of HTML5 and other technology being applied to tablets and mobile experiences. The upshot, he said, is that he expects the Web “will look more like print” in the next few years, but will be monetized differently.”

• Terrence O’Brien, Senior Blogger, on May 11, 2010

“…it’s important to know that when you hear people talking about the phrase “HTML5”, it isn’t just some meaningless buzz word; they’re talking about the future of the internet.”


Microsoft is expected to demonstrate its strategy for HTML5 in Windows 8 – The Build Conference is September 13-16 in Anaheim, CA

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