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Case Study: Underground Storage Tank Inspections Using Mobile Handheld PDAs

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is a national government agency responsible for creating and enforcing regulations that help keep the environment clean and protected. One of the responsibilities of the EPA is the inspection and auditing of underground storage tanks. There are large numbers of underground storage tanks in nearly every community across the USA which represents a huge data collection and administration task. Regional entities throughout the country are responsible for providing underground storage tank inspections; one such entity is the Shoshone Bannock Tribe. The inspection data, traditionally collected in the field using a paper inspection form, was typed into an EPA database upon returning to the home office. The Shoshone Bannock Tribe needed a way to ensure the integrity of the data collected, speed up collection time, eliminate data entry time, and provide near real-time synchronization of the data collected. MobileDataforce developed a mobile inspectio

Educational Video on Enterprise Mobility and Field Services Using Handheld PDAs

This week I had an interesting experience participating in a 60 minute educational video on trends in enterprise mobility and field services. It will be available for viewing on April 30 th . The video has interviews with Psion Teklogix's President of the Americas, Ron Cains and myself. MDF _invite_April2008. htm It was an interesting experience. This was no amateur video. We had a crew that consisted of 2 cameramen, a sound guy, a make-up person, a producer and director. They were so professional that they even had those fluffy microphone covers. The subject of the video is all aspects of mobile handhelds, smartphones, PDAs and mobile software applications.

World Travels and Trends in Mobile Software for Handheld PDAs

Greetings All, I have been spending a lot of time at airports of late. Over the last few weeks I have travelled to San Francisco, England, Washington DC and today Cincinnati, Ohio. I have also learned a great deal. One of the things I have learned - The economy has not as yet negatively impacted MobileDataforce . Our sales were up 200% from first quarter 2007. The Wall Street Journal said last week that the economy does not yet seem to be significantly impacting most B2B sales. I must agree. Our customers are still buying mobile software for handheld PDAs and services in record numbers. In England, we are working with a large number of services companies. It seems that most of our projects are related to asset management. By assets, I mean equipment, buildings and vehicles. It may be that the reason service companies are buying from MobileDataforce in large numbers is to achieve the very efficiencies that a tough market requires.

Mobile Handheld PDA Case Study: Utility Inspections, GPS and Field Data Collection

Company Overview: LYNN-EDWARD Professional Services, Inc. (LEPService) delivers a full range of metering, SCADA and communications services to the utility industry. Based in Covington, Georgia, LEPService has served the utility industry throughout the Southeast since 1990, and is rapidly expanding into other geographic regions. Research Challenge: LEPService needed a mobile software solution that could efficiently track the installation and service of load management devices. The mobile software solution would enable the utilization of GIS mapping to effectively identify switch locations. A key requirement of the project was that it be designed modularly so that additional utility inspections could be added at a future date to cover their vast service offerings. MobileDataforce Solution: The initial mobile handheld software application developed for LEPService was for the tracking of load management devices. The application was initially designed to work on the Itronix Tablet P