Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Best Articles on Mobile Commerce Strategies 2015

In 2015, a master strategy for mobile commerce emerged.  Mobile apps need to be personalized, but that is not enough. Personalization without context, relevance, value to the customer and permission is just creepy and/or obnoxious.  We recognized a new kind of partnership is required between customers and trusted vendors.  One that requires a deeper level of earned trust, and one that provides mutual benefits through the sharing of data.  We call this relationship a MME Data Partnership.

Parts of MME Data Partnerships can be found within many existing loyalty and rewards programs.  Although the purpose is rarely understood.  These programs define how the collection and use of specific data will be used to provide mutual benefits.  It is an overt agreement by both parties to share and use data in return for defined rewards.  Within a MME Data Partnership we found three types of data, we call 3D-Me, are needed to optimize a mobile user experience:
  • Digital data - online and mobile activities and behaviors
  • Physical data - Sensor and IoT 
  • Personal data - MME Data Partnerships
For each of these categories purposeful strategies need to be developed and implemented to collect, analyze and utilize the data in order to provide the best experiences for customers.

Personalization, as we have learned, is not enough. Personalization needs to be combined with CROME Triggers (contextually relevant opportunities, moments and environments), which are bits of data that when collected and analyzed in real-time, identify the need for specific and relevant personalized content.

All of these strategies and more are discussed in "The Best of Mobile Commerce 2015" articles listed below:
  1. Strategies for Personalizing Mobile Apps
  2. Special Report: Cutting Through Chaos in the Age of "Mobile Me"
  3. Mobile Strategies for Combining IoT, CROME, 3D-Me and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Mobile Commerce Strategies and CROME Triggers
  5. What Does the Age of Mobile Me - Mean for Retailers?
  6. Mobile Commerce Strategies and Tactics
  7. Retail Evolution, Mobile Experiences and MME Strategies
  8. Mobile Commerce, Speed and Operational Tempos, Part 1
  9. Mobile Commerce, Speed and Operational Tempos, Part 2
  10. Mobile Commerce, Speed and Operational Tempos, Part 3
  11. Latest Research on Mobile Commerce Trends and Strategies
  12. The New Mobile Consumer - Latest Research
  13. Mobile Consumer Behaviors - The Questions to Ask
  14. Video: Age of Mobile Me
Download the full report, "Cutting Through Chaos in the Age of Mobile Me" here: http://www.cognizant.com/InsightsWhitepapers/Cutting-Through-Chaos-in-the-Age-of-Mobile-Me-codex1579.pdf.

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