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Field Mobility – Week of October 7, 2012

The Field Mobility News Weekly is an online newsletter made up of the most interesting news and articles related to field mobility that I run across each week.  I am specifically targeting information that reflects market data and trends. 

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The Ports of New York and New Jersey are requiring trucks using the ports to be equipped with RFID tags for security identification by the second quarter of 2013.  Read Original Content

An airport baggage handling system developed by Bairfuku utilizes RFID technology and is reported to be the fastest in the world, moving baggage at 600 meters per minute.  Read Original Content

The Hiku barcode reader helps make shopping simpler for consumers, featuring voice recognition software so the user can either scan products for a shopping list or tell the device which products to add.  Read Original Content

ClickSoftware is an SAP mobility partner and the leading provider of automated workforce management and optimization solutions for every size of service business.  This newsletter is sponsored in part by ClickSoftware.

The MIT Enterprise Forum Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Group hosted a conference in which mobile payments and retail executives discussed “What Technology Will Dominate Retail” – mobile barcodes, mobile wallets, NFC and QR codes.  Read Original Content

A New York Senator is asking the Transportation Secretary to consider developing standards for truck GPS systems.  Truck drivers are relying on GPS systems to plan their routes, but GPS doesn’t take into account low bridges, which has caused accidents.  Read Original Content

Research and Markets has added a new report, “North American Mobile Workforce Management Market: The Growing Power of Mobile Field Service Applications”.  Read Original Content

According to John Nachtrieb of Bar-Code Test, one of the most common and most easily detected and preventable cause of barcode failure is “quiet zone violation”.  Read Original Content

RFID Journal is hosting an event “RFID in High Tech” October 11-12, 2012 in Silicon Valley, California.  The event will feature case studies presented by Cisco Systems, Intel, Jabil and others.  Read Original Content

The BarCode News presents highlights of the 2012 Asset Integrity Management Summit held in September, including new barcode symbologies continue appearing and the FDA's UDI Initiative may drive big changes for AutoID systems in healthcare.  Read Original Content

Utility and energy industries are replacing traditional PC’s, laptops, and traditional time-consuming processes with rugged tablet PC’s for field services.  Read Original Content

Google has launched a new Android app, Field Trip, which delivers location specific information to users by combining Internet search and GPS technology.  Read Original Content

Rand McNally and the National RV Dealers Association have teamed up to provide a mobile Android and iOS app using GPS for RV enthusiasts to locate RV dealers and service providers.  Read Original Content

Florida’s Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has implemented an RFID-based arrestee management system to record when and where an individual was arrested, by which officer, the vehicle in which he or she was transported and where that person was booked, plus every step of the booking process.  Read Original Content

Daily RFID has developed a system for RFID parking management to efficiently control parking facilities within a wide range of distances, eliminating the need for parking attendants and minimizing driver inconvenience.  Read Original Content

Oregon Scientific has launched a new “kid proof” rugged tablet, the Meep, designed specifically for children aged 6 and up.  Read Original Content

ILS Technology provides ready-to-use cloud based platforms to implement and manage M2M (machine to machine) and embedded wireless devices that connect to SAP.  ILS Technology simplifies deployments and offers unparalleled security to protect company and customer data and to ensure regulatory compliance. This newsletter is sponsored in part by ILS Technology.

The world’s first reliable earthquake victims locator, new GIS platforms and the latest cloud based tools will be featured at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Global Humanitarian Technology Conference October 21 – 24, 2012 in Seattle, Washington.  Read Original Content

The Canadian government would like to provide community corrections staff with panic buttons linked to GPS locators, transmitting an accurate location on a detailed mapping feature.  Read Original Content

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