Wednesday, October 03, 2012

SAP Focusing on M2M as Extension to Mobility

This week SAP's President, Corporate Officer Global Solutions, SAP and Head of Mobility Division, Sanjay Poonen sent me a link to an article he published on the importance SAP sees in M2M (machine to machine) communication.  Here is an excerpt, "We look at all of these machines, whether wired or unwired, and see them as extensions of mobile devices." I would also add, SAP sees them as extensions or sensors feeding an SAP system.

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Here is part of SAP's role and their partner's role in the M2M field as described by Sanjay, "They (M2M enabled devices) all need to be secured, managed, and enabled to run applications in much the same way as a mobile phone.  Managing this smart machine to machine (M2M) evolution requires a comprehensive architecture and technology solutions that we’re working on with our partners." The news here is that SAP and their partners are focusing on M2M these days.  I am very excited about this.

How does M2M relate to SAP's core focus areas?  Here is more from Sanjay, "At the core of M2M are three key elements: Mobility, Big Data and the Cloud.   These are precisely the focus areas that we’ve designated as innovation vectors at SAP.  And when these three elements come together in use cases like the “Internet of Things” or “Machine-2-Machine”, it’s like getting a “Triple Word Score” in the game of Scrabble!""

Sanjay also shows off his philosophical side with this statement, "Think of M2M communication as the “social collaboration” of machine-to-machine or machine-to-man."  I love this statement!  As a SMAC Analyst (social, MOBILE, analytics and cloud) this fits right into my space.

I have been publishing a weekly newsletter for sometime now on M2M, and have written many articles predicting the convergence of enterprise mobility and M2M.  I see these steps by SAP as validation that, at least this time, I got it right :-)
SAP and M2M

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