Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Determining Anticipated ROIs for Enterprise Mobility

Over 90% of companies today believe enterprise mobility is "very important" to "critical" to their company’s future success according to a recent study I completed.  Yet identifying ROIs is still a major challenge.  It seems intuitively people recognize enterprise mobility is a revolution that will change competitive landscapes, but they are still unsure as to exactly how it will impact their company.

I propose that we as individuals understand how mobile technologies have changed our own lives, and  believe the same will happen in our businesses.  The challenge is that mobile technology can provide big changes - real-time data, real-time visibility, real-time analytics, real-time alerts and notifications, real-time KPI monitoring, real-time workforce tracking, real-time job status and real-time schedules, unified and 360 degree views of our operational areas, etc, and these capabilities can change entire processes, businesses, industries, service level agreements, customer interactions, and entire business models.  How do you measure that?

These are big changes that will take some study to fully understand their impact on each of our own unique industries and markets.
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Because enterprise mobility can impact everything about a business, the business must work with the IT teams to determine anticipated ROIs and mobile strategies.  How do you measure competitive advantages and better, faster decision making?  How do you measure the anticipated impact of providing better and faster customer service?  How do you measure doing business at a faster tempo with mobile technologies?

Kevin Benedict, Head Analyst for SMAC (Social, MOBILE, Analytics and Cloud), Cognizant
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