Monday, September 24, 2012

The Theory of Everything (Sort of) and Mobile Technologies

Sometime back I read an article in the New York Times titled, The Theory of Everything (Sort of) by Thomas L. Friedman.  Here is an excerpt, "Thanks to cloud computing, robotics, 3G (4G now) wireless connectivity, Skype, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, the iPad and cheap Internet enabled smartphones the world has gone from connected to hyper-connected...  This is the single most important trend in the world today.  And it is a critical reason why, to get into the middle class now, you have to study harder, work smarter and adapt quicker than ever before.  All this globalization is eliminating more and more "routine" work- the sort of work that once sustained a lot of middle-class lifestyles."

I suggest the same is true for the enterprise.  The enterprise must study harder, work smarter and adapt quicker that ever before.  The world is changing and mobile technologies are going to revolutionize the way companies work.

In the last several enterprise mobility survey polls that I have reviewed, more and more companies plan to use mobile technologies as a driver for change.  Here are the results from my latest report, Mid-Year Enterprise Mobility 2012 report:

Question: Is your company planning to change or re-engineer business processes to take advantage of mobile technologies?

No Changes - 5%
Few Changes - 27%
Many Changes - 48%
Revolutionize the business - 20%

Companies cannot simply watch from the sidelines as others improve their competitive positions by implementing mobile solutions.  Enterprise mobility is not a passing fancy, but a technology revolution that will be here for the rest of your career.

Kevin Benedict, Head Analyst for SMAC (Social, MOBILE, Analytics and Cloud), Cognizant
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