Tuesday, May 08, 2012

What's New in HTML5 - Week of May 7, 2012

HTML5 is changing the enterprise mobility industry.  Just look at what SAP announced over the past month.  They announced partnerships with 3 of the leading HTML5 SDK (software development kit) companies.  These partnerships are to help SAP users quickly create HTML5 mobile apps that work with and connect to SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform), which is the standard SAP defined integration layer between mobile apps and backend SAP systems.  In addition, SAP already has partnerships with companies like ClickSoftware that have an HTML5 solution called ClickMobile Professional.

I keep reading things like 63% of the worlds financial transactions move through an SAP system.  These kinds of numbers reflect the pull and push that SAP can have on the entire IT marketplace.  Their endorse of HTML5 and its use in the enterprise will change many roadmaps in this industry.

The mobile web is dividing the Silicon Valley technology companies, which could slow down innovation.  “Official statements from all of these companies show the same thing: They believe in the power and potential of the mobile web to flourish and eventually become more prevalent than native platforms.”  Read original content

Flickr is launching a new HTML5 photo uploader for images.  The HTML5 technology provides additional features such as drag and drop functionality.  Other improvements are an average 20-30 percent increase in upload speed and an increase in file size limits.  Read original content

HTML5 adds a “scoped” attribute to the style element, allowing the developer to nest styles within HTML.  The scoped style attribute is described and illustrated in this article.  Read original content

According to research from eMarketer, 29.7 percent of Americans were accessing the mobile web on a regular basis by the end of 2011, and predict the number will grow to 36 percent in 2012.  Read original content

With website traffic from mobile devices on the rise, mobile software development firms are scrambling to expand their mobile web development services to enable businesses to keep up with the mobile web trend.  Read original content

Rapid Intake has launched a new mobile learning development system, enabling developers to “deploy training courses in HTML5 format as a downloaded application, allowing mobile learners access to their courses while they are offline”.  Read original content

Google has unveiled a new resource, The Mobile Playbook, to assist companies and advertisers in building a mobile campaign.  The Mobile Playbook was built in HTML5 and optimized for viewing on tablet devices.  "[Because] the Mobile Playbook site is built with HTML5, we had the flexibility to customize the experience for different types of screens."  Read original content

RIM is incorporating HTML5 technology as one of the key strategies “to create a viable ecosystem of applications for a new generation of mobile devices expected to ship by year-end”.  Read original content

Built as an experiment to test the boundaries of HTML5, ForestFly is a Facebook photo gallery visualizer built entirely with HTML5 elements, primarily Canvas.  Read original content

Three examples of impressive 8-bit color-cycled landscape images running on HTML5.

Two of the developers of the popular Angry Birds games have left Rovio and created their own game studio, Boomlagoon, and will focus on creating mobile and web based games with HTML5.
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