Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mobility ROI Weekly - Week of September 26, 2011, Part 3

This week I will publish three Mobility ROI reports (this is 3/3), as I have a bunch of ROIs that I have saved up over the past few weeks but have not had time to share. The ROI (return on investment) report includes ROIs that I come across in my weekly research on the topic of enterprise mobility. My goal is to create an archive of mobility ROIs that we can all use. I hope you find this helpful.

Pacific Gas and Electric, has over 5,000 specialists on 1,500 crews that support 50 million customers.  They use solutions from Clicksoftware that include ClickSchedule, ClickPlan, ClickAnalyze and ClickForecast to manage scheduling and many other things. PG and E recognized the following ROIs:
  • ROI - Productivity gains as a result of centralized scheduling.
  • ROI - Better utilization rates and forecasts as a result of accurate measurement of crew utilization rates and projected utilization rates for future weeks across all regions.
  • ROI - Efficiency gains as a result of management's ability to move crews among service regions.
  • ROI - Cost savings and efficiencies gained by consolidating 67 dispatch offices down to two.
  • ROI - Cost savings and efficiencies gained by providing a unified view of the operational area on one scheduling solution.
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Property management company Developers Diversified Realty needed an easier way for employees to view updated property records while visiting multiple sites per day.  Webalo was chosen to provide a mobile enterprise system that would update employee smartphones with relevant data while still on the road. The following ROIs were achieved:
  • ROI - Saved time by selecting cloud-based mobility solution.
  • ROI - Saved cost by selecting a cloud-based mobility solution.
  • ROI - Recognized value immediately.
  • ROI - Provided better customer service by keeping all data updated and current on mobile devices.
  • ROI - Cost savings and efficiencies gained by replacing paper and traditional processes.
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Healthrageous used Pyxis Mobile to create a mobility solution that connects customers through their smartphones and mobile devices to the company’s services. The reported ROIs were:
  • ROI - Improved customer service by connecting customers through mobile devices with their health programs.
  • ROI - Achieved a competitive advantage over other personalized-connected health companies. 
  • ROI - Provided convenient mobile solution to improve service and the user's experience.
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