Monday, August 08, 2011

Death by Mobile App

I came across an article about an interesting mobile app this week called Death by Car and Murder.  It is the kind of mobile application I have long wanted and even written about.  A mobile application that augments my reality by telling me what is around me, plus what has happened in history around me.  I want an application that tells me if I am in a reasonably safe neighborhood, or am I just asking to be the next crime statistic.

Wouldn't it be interesting to know if the neighborhood you are walking in has a high crime rate (and what kind of crimes), or if the road you travel is higher than others in traffic fatalities?  I would like to instantly see the "safest routes" to walk and drive.

I would like a geo-spatially aware walking encyclopedia that would augment my reality with useful information that I can select and configure.  Today, it seems we are limited mostly to local businesses or tourist landmarks.  I want to know the demographics, history, statistics, behaviors and trends of the people sitting around me in an outdoor cafe.

I would also like to better understand the environment around me.  If I am in a new neighborhood, tell me the history of the community and the economic and business statistics.

We all have unique interests, limited time, limited resources and are mortal.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we could use knowledge about our surroundings and environment to better manage our experiences?  I know this might not seem at first romantic or adventuresome, but it could be.  It might also provide a statistically safer life that better aligns with our interests.

What do you think?

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