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Mobility ROI Weekly - Week of July 11, 2011

This weekly ROI (return on investment) report will include ROIs that I come across in my weekly enterprise mobility, M2M and GPS vehicle tracking research.  I will be collecting ROIs and posting them here.  The idea is that in the future if you need to find ROIs for companies in various industries they will be available here.  I hope you find this useful.

Scottish Council Saves Through Fleet Management

After investing in a fleet management system from TomTom Business Solutions, the Scottish Council of West Dunbartonshire was able to track its fleet of vehicles resulting in a £100,000 reduction in fuel expenses during the first year.  The Council installed TomTom LINK300 tracking units on 260 vehicles allowing Rodney Thorton, head of fleet and waste management, to better monitor the driving habits of his workers.

In the upcoming months the Council is expected to install TomTom tracking units on the remainder of the 380-vehicle fleet to save in fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.  West Dunbartonshire is also looking at TomTom’s ecoPLUS device that monitors engine performance and gathers engine data through embedded sensors.  West Dunbartonshire’s ROI was reported to come from the following areas:
  • £100,000 reduction in fuel expenses
  • The ability to better monitor the driving habits of workers resulting in more responsible and efficient driving practices.
  • Fuel cost savings resulted from improvements to the way council vehicle operators carry out their duties.
  • Reduced carbon emissions
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Pipe Works Services SAves Through Vehicle Tracking

New Jersey based Pipe Works Services was able to increase their vehicle fleet productivity and reduce fuel consumption after installing GPS tracking devices on company vehicles.  They selected the Marcus Fleet Tracking Solution package from Discrete Wireless, Inc.  Pipe Works chose this solution because it offered features including email alerts and geo-fencing capabilities.  Their ROI was reported to have come from the following areas:
  • 35 percent productivity increase
  • 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption
  • Better security and improved employee accountability
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Ventura California Saves Through GPS Tracking

The city of Ventura, California equipped select vehicles in its fleet of 450 with GPS tracking devices.  After implementation the city saw impressive savings that include an overall fuel savings of 10 percent. In just the city’s water department, they realized annual savings of $10,000.  Larger vehicles like wastewater vehicles can save up to $1,200 per year.  After implementing a fleet tracking solution, the city saw an ROI in the following areas:
  • Improved fuel economy by 10 percent, which more than pays for the GPS Tracking System 
  • Reduced idling time
  • Improved routing
  • Improved customer service
  • City water department saved more than $10,000/year in fuel and maintenance costs
  • Larger vehicles realized up to $1,200/year in fuel savings
  • Helped the city become leaner and greener by implementing more sustainable practices 
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