Monday, March 07, 2011

SAP CIO Oliver Bussman on Tablets

TechEd Interview with Oliver Bussman
I read an interesting interview with SAP CIO Oliver Bussman this morning.  He is a qualified expert on tablets, as he has authorized the purchase of 3,500 tablets at SAP in less than a year now.  I was particularly interested in how he, a very busy executive, uses the iPad.  Here is what he uses it for:
  • Respond to email
  • Media consumption
  • Media sharing and sharing device.  He likes the iPad apps by Pulse, Twitterific, Flipboard and InstaPaper.
I like reading about the personal work habits of individuals.  I guess it is a way to measure and compare how we ourselves work and use technology.  In my case, I use all of the same applications on my iPad, and for the same reasons, except InstaPaper.  I will need to investigate that app.

Does the iPad replace Bussman's laptop?  Not when he needs to tweak presentations or perform more complex tasks.  Again, I share his use criteria, except, since I spend most of my time writing and developing presentations, I find myself tied to my laptop for the forseeable future.

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