Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Muffled Voices in Your Mobile Handheld PDA

We are working on a large inspection software project in the UK for a water utility that uses handheld PDAs. In the course of supporting this effort one of the inspectors sent a problematic handheld PDA in for service. Seems it had run out of memory. Upon closer inspection we found a 30 minute voice memo of the inside of his pocket. For the curious - not much of interest in the recording.

Voice memos? These are useful when you need to record your findings while keeping your hands free (dangling from a 40 story building, climbing a ladder, crawling through a pipe). These voice memos can be wirelessly synchronized to a database and someone back at the office can type them into the database if needed.

MobileDataforce's PointSync Mobility Platform enables you to attach voice memos to a database on the device and to have this voice memo synchronized with the enterprise database application in the office.