Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MobileDataforce and HVAC Service Software on Handheld PDAs

MobileDataforce supports mobile software applications for many different kinds of service technicians and handheld PDAs. This time of year (summer 2007 and hot weather) has us working with many HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) companies.
A recent report from Aberdeen Group says that field service automation can lead to an 18% increase in service revenues and 9% reduction in Mean Time to Repair. The typical conversation with the owner of an HVAC company goes as follows:

"I am getting buried in paper work orders! Is there a way to have an electronic work order on a handheld PDA or Smart Phone that wirelessly synchronizes directly to my accounting software? Can work orders be dispatched from my office to a handheld computer? I would like my service technicians to enter their time, parts used, work status and get a digital signature on a handheld computer. Can that be done cost effectively for my 18 service technicians?"

My answer - "Yes sir...we deploy integrated mobile work order solutions weekly."
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Here are some common features:
  • Dispatch of service tickets/work orders

  • Reassignment, Cancellation handling, Emergency calls

  • Routing and event status, Maps and routing information sent with jobs

  • Status of jobs

  • Job data and description

  • Customer data

  • Technical Data

  • Equipment data

  • Parts and part orders

  • Inventory checks

  • Locating parts

  • Parts orders

  • Shipping status

  • Invoicing

  • Customer signatures

  • Mobile invoice printing

  • Sales and Mobile CRM

  • Up selling products and service packages

  • Warranties and renewals

  • Job estimating

  • Customer Survey

  • Inspections
If you would like to discuss mobile software applications for handheld PDAs in detail please contact MobileDataforce, or click here to request a personal demonstration.

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