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The Future of Our Human Experience

The world is increasingly a place that is both unfamiliar and unfriendly to our brains.  Global networks, complex digital systems, massive volumes of data, digital speeds, automated decision-making and persistent communications have all emerged this century and they are challenging the quality of our human experience. Already nearing our mind's limits to absorb change, we must quickly find ways to adapt. The relatively slow speed of our physical and mental evolution over thousands of years seems to have been left behind in an instant by the unimaginable speed of digital evolution.  How are today's humans to adapt in only a lifetime? It appears likely that our brains will increasingly be fed on digital stimuli.  It doesn't take a futurist to look around and see that we are all being irresistibly drawn deeper into the digital world.  The results being our future will increasingly involve our brains, and those of our children and grandchildren, being formed, influenced and sus

The Pandemic Impact on Procurement and Spend with SAP Expert Etosha Thurman

How has the global pandemic impacted procurement?  How long will the impact last?  What have we learned from this experience?  All of these questions and more are discussed in this important interview with Etosha Thurman, SAP's Chief Marketing & Solution Officer for Intelligent Spend and Business Network at SAP. ************************************************************************ Kevin Benedict Partner | Futurist at TCS View my profile on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter @krbenedict Join the Linkedin Group Digital Intelligence ***Full Disclosure: These are my personal opinions. No company is silly enough to claim them. I work with and have worked with many of the companies mentioned in my articles.

The Future of Sports Integrity, Part 1

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in the SIGA (Sports Integrity Global Alliance) conference at the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal.  In preparation for speaking, I researched the business of sports and the critical role of integrity in it. Sports are games.  People participate in and watch games to experience competitors struggling within a set of rules to overcome and succeed.  At its bare essentials, sports involves a relatable struggle.  A young man or women overcoming a traumatic childhood, poverty, violence, broken relationships, injuries, etc., to become a winner.  This can be highly entertaining, and audiences are willing to spend billions of dollars for the opportunity to watch this struggle unfold.

Chasing Future Meaning

The massive volume of new data surrounding us is growing at an extraordinary rate.  This data plus its meaning and the the value it offers will inform the winners and losers of tomorrow. It's not that individual bits of data have such great value on their own, rather it's the combinations of data from different sources, and their combined meaning that is golden.  The challenge of course is finding and combining all the data sources and their meanings into something really useful, and trusted.   Often we can find data, but we don't know its accuracy, source or trustworthiness.  We also don't often have a lot of time to find, combine and refine the data sources and their combined meaning.  We need blockchain like processes that can include the source of data, its meaning and how it can be combined with other sources to reveal new insights.