Time Passes On a One-Way Street

As a futurist, I spend my time studying the future, looking for signals that hint at what is to come.  I also invest a lot of time looking for patterns and lessons from the past that can inform our future.  The past is behind us and it's too late to change the present, so the future is our canvas - a place where we can create our artistic masterpieces.

Many people that I have interacted with pine for the past.  They wish to return to a mythical past nirvana.  The challenge of course, with that way of thinking, is time only moves one way, and it is away from the past.  It's a one-way street.  The progression of time moves like a train from the past, to the present, and on into the future.  The arrow of time points in one direction only.  In the direction of the universe's expansion.

We cannot see, touch, hear or taste time, but we can measure its passage.  Time can be marked, measured, documented and archived, but never returned to.  

The inevitable passaging of time, innocent of biases or motivations, still seems to evoke strong emotions in many.  People want to stop it.  They resent it's passing.  Many resist, trying to slow it down or even fight it.  The thing is - the future cannot be stopped, only shaped.

No one ever lives in the past.  They can only think about it.  The only place that we as humans have found inhabitable is the present.  We can, however, plan for and prepare to live in our future, which is just around the bend. 

Around the bend, is where the fruits of our labor are fully revealed.  Where the work we have done during our lifetime, can be fully realized in future generations.   It is here where we will finally understand that future people matter.

Kevin Benedict
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