Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The 3 Tsunamis of Digital Transformation - Be Prepared

  • Cybersecurity (59%)

  • Big data/business analytics (54%)
  • Mobile technologies (40%)

  • Cloud computing (32%)
  • Social media (31%)
  • Collaboration technologies (26%)
  • IoT/sensors (26%)
  • Biotechnology (25%)
  • Telepresence (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.) (49%)
  • Digital currency (49%)
  • Artificial intelligence (46%)
  • Robotic process automation (software) (41%)
  • Sharing economy platforms like Uber (39%)
  • Nanotechnologies (35%)
  • Robots (hardware) (33%)
  • Telematics (29%)
  • Wearables (28%)
  • Blockchain (43%)
  • Geospatial information systems (41%)
  • 3-D printing (40%)
  • Virtual reality (39%)
  • Autonomous self-driving cars (34%)
  • Drones (33%).
Watch the 3-minute video: 
  1. Bots, AI and the Next 40 Months
  2. You Only Have 40 Months to Digitally Transform
  3. Digital Technologies and the Greater Good
  4. Video Report: 40 Months of Hyper-Digital Transformation
  5. Report: 40 Months of Hyper-Digital Transformation
  6. Virtual Moves to Real in with Sensors and Digital Transformation
  7. Technology Must Disappear in 2017
  8. Merging Humans with AI and Machine Learning Systems
  9. In Defense of the Human Experience in a Digital World
  10. Profits that Kill in the Age of Digital Transformation
  11. Competing in Future Time and Digital Transformation
  12. Digital Hope and Redemption in the Digital Age
  13. Digital Transformation and the Role of Faster
  14. Digital Transformation and the Law of Thermodynamics
  15. Jettison the Heavy Baggage and Digitally Transform
  16. Digital Transformation - The Dark Side
  17. Business is Not as Usual in Digital Transformation
  18. 15 Rules for Winning in Digital Transformation
  19. The End Goal of Digital Transformation
  20. Digital Transformation and the Ignorance Penalty
  21. Surviving the Three Ages of Digital Transformation
  22. The Advantages of an Advantage in Digital Transformation
  23. From Digital to Hyper-Transformation
  24. Believers, Non-Believers and Digital Transformation
  25. Forces Driving the Digital Transformation Era
  26. Digital Transformation Requires Agility and Energy Measurement
  27. A Doctrine for Digital Transformation is Required
  28. Digital Transformation and Its Role in Mobility and Competition
  29. Digital Transformation - A Revolution in Precision Through IoT, Analytics and Mobility
  30. Competing in Digital Transformation and Mobility
  31. Ambiguity and Digital Transformation
  32. Digital Transformation and Mobility - Macro-Forces and Timing
  33. Mobile and IoT Technologies are Inside the Curve of Human Time
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