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The Latest Mobile & Digital Expert Interviews by Kevin Benedict

Go behind the scenes of the retail and fashion world with SAP and enterprise mobility expert, Kevin Benedict.  In this video Kevin Benedict interviews  SAP's Tim Hood GVP, Retail Strategy and Technology.  Video Link: Learn about mobile solutions for farmers in Brazil. Video Link: Learn about digital transformation strategies from Microsoft's Rob Tiffany. Mobility expert Kevin Benedict interviews Box's Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Platforms Jeetu Patel.  Kevin Benedict's latest video on mobile commerce trends and strategies. In this interview, Kevin Benedict interviews SAP's VP of Platform Technologies, Ken Tsai on digital transformation and machine learning. In this interview, Kevin Benedict interviews APAC mobility expert and Kony Solutions VP of Sales Engineering, Malachy Martin on the latest trends in e

The End Goal of Digital Transformation

Although we often write about and discuss digital transformation, we often fail to identify the end goal we are really trying to achieve.  We talk at great length about data, analytics, speed, information logistics systems and personalized user experiences, but none of these are the end goal.  Ultimately we must digitally transform so we can remove the “fog of war,” and have clear visibility and insights into our businesses and the needs of our customers.  The end goal of digital transformation, however, is the ability to rapidly act and react to changing data, competitive conditions and strategies fastest enough to succeed.  Knowledge is nothing, if not tied to action.  In a recent survey of 500 managers, they reported the number one mistake companies are making in digital transformation is moving too slow.  They may have all the necessary information and strategies, but if they are incapable of acting or reacting fast enough to matter, then it is wasted.  Digital transformation