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Surviving the Three Ages of Digital Transformation

When digital laggards finally recognize the degree of market disruption caused by the rapid adoption of digital technologies, and desperately try to outrun the inescapable Darwinian effect of their slow response, they will be faced with not one, but three ages of digital transformation to navigate and survive.  Understanding these ages, and what is unique about each one, is critical for business strategy, prioritizing, planning, sequencing and budgeting.  Today, we live and work in the Age of Disruptive Transformation.  Traditional methods of conducting business, marketing products, delivering services, and engaging customers have been dramatically disrupted by digital technologies.  These disruptions were caused by the rapid consumer adoption of a new set of new digital and mobile technologies, and the resulting behavioral changes.  Enterprises that fail to recognize these consumer and market disruptions, and fail to rapidly respond to them, will ultimately join a long list of co

Digital Transformation Expert Interviews: SAP's Ken Tsai

Last week I had the privilege to speak with many different digital transformation and mobility experts at SAP's large annual user conference SAPPHIRENOW 2016. I filmed several of these interviews, and this one, with SAP's VP of Platform Technologies, Ken Tsai, is especially insightful. ************************************************************************ Kevin Benedict Senior Analyst, Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant Writer, Speaker and World Traveler View my profile on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter @krbenedict Subscribe to Kevin's YouTube Channel Join the Linkedin Group Strategic Enterprise Mobility Join the Google+ Community Mobile Enterprise Strategies ***Full Disclosure: These are my personal opinions. No company is silly enough to claim them. I am a mobility and digital transformation analyst, consultant and writer. I work with and have worked with many of the companies mentioned in my articles.

The Impact of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a revenue growth engine according to fifty futurists we surveyed.  Many companies are already experiencing significant benefits and gaining competitive advantages. The futurists predicted the top five impacts of digital transformation on businesses by the year 2020 will be: Speed to market Competitive positioning Revenue growth Productivity New distribution channels  Given the importance of these top-five on revenue growth and the future success of a business, who would not want to digitally transform their enterprise?  Non-believers that's who.  Non-believers, aka laggards, in our study of 2,000 executives don't believe in significant digital transformation now, or in the future.  They don't demonstrate a sense of urgency or a recognition of the massive changes happening around them today.  They seem blind to the fact companies are witnessing an increase in revenue already from their digital transformation investments. Digital transfor