Monday, November 23, 2015

The 18 Laws for Winning with Data, Speed and Mobility

I have given nine presentations in the past 10 days on mobile and data strategies.  I have met with companies in the energy, media, insurance and banking industries.  I have brainstormed and discussed these laws for winning with data, speed and mobility, and they have held up.  In the age of mobile me, where information is the prize, a new set of laws and strategies are required to win.  In my new report, "Cutting Through Chaos in the Age of Mobile Me," I discuss many of these laws and how they are applied in mobile apps and mobile commerce.
  1. Data is the modern commercial battlefield.
  2. Information dominance is the strategic goal.
  3. Real-time operations and tempos are the targets.
  4. Advantages in speed, analytics, business operational tempos determine the winners.
  5. Real-time business speed is enabled by advances in mobile information, sensors and wireless communications.
  6. Competition is now focused on optimizing information logistics systems (the systems involved in maximizing information advantages).
  7. Businesses that can “understand and act with speed” dominate those which are slower. 
  8. In order to win or gain superiority over competitors in the age of information, you must operate  information logistics systems at a faster tempo, and get inside your competitor's decision curves. (Adapted from John Boyd)
  9. Situational awareness enables insights, innovations and operations to be conducted faster and at lower cost .
  10. Principle of Acceleration & Mobility – As demand for mobile apps increases, an even greater demand for changes will occur across business processes, operations and IT.
  11. The more data that is collected and analyzed, the greater the economic value and innovation opportunity it has in aggregate.
  12. Data has a shelf-life, and the economic value of data diminishes quickly over time.
  13. The economic value of information multiplies when combined with context and right time delivery.
  14. Mobile apps provide only as much value as the systems behind them.
  15. Full Spectrum Information: Winners will dominate by collecting, transmitting, analyzing, reporting and automating decision making faster and better.
  16. The size of opponents and their systems and platforms are less representative of power today, than the quality of their sensor systems, mobile communication links and their ability to use information to their advantage.
  17. Information is a new asset class, in that it has measurable economic value.  There are significant strategic, operational and financial reasons for investing in it, and optimizing it. (Douglas Laney, Gartner)
  18. If I can develop and pursue my plan to defeat you faster than you can execute your plan to defeat me, then your plan in unimportant. ~ Robert Leonard
These laws need to be known, and their relevance intimately understood and applied to every aspect of business and IT today.

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