Monday, December 03, 2012

Enterprise Mobility and the Military

This week I am in Washington DC speaking at a conference organized by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement.  This is a military focused conference and I am very eager to listen to the speakers talk about how they have used mobile technologies to transform their organizations.  Here are the names of some of the speakers and presentations:

  • Major General Robert Wheeler, USAF Deputy CIO speaks on Department of Defense's Mobile Device Strategy
  • CTO Thomas Sasala, US Army Information Technology Agency, speaks on Enterprise Mobility Viability within the Army and Means of Implementation
  • Chief Vision and Strategy Division, Rob Anderson, HQMC speaks on USMC Enterprise Mobility Perspective
  • DISA's Component Acquisition Executive, Dr. Jennifer Carter speaks on Common Infrastructure and Servies for DoD Mobile Solutions
  • Captain Joshua Dixon, USMC, Tech Transition, PM Marine Air-Ground Task Force, speaks on Current Technologies and Forecasted Trends for Mobility within the Marine Corps.
  • Kevin Benedict speaks on Enterprise Mobility - Applying Lessons from both Commercial and Military Strategies

My family thinks I am an uber-nerd, but these subjects sound fascinating to me.  I am a history and military strategy enthusiast so I can't wait.

In my opinion, the military is more advanced on the strategies behind managing a mobile workforce (military) than the commercial sector today.  In the United States our military has been undergoing significant transformations for over a decade.  This is in response to the end of the cold war, and the realities of the changing nature of global conflict today. Our leaders have demanded we do more with less and rely on technologies to cover the gaps.  This has led to dramatic changes in strategies, many of which I write about on this blog and archive in the Mobile Strategies Library.
Kevin Benedict, Head Analyst for SMAC, Cognizant
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