Monday, December 03, 2012

M2M Analysis by ABIresearch

Did you know ABIresearch is evaluating M2M/Internet of Things vendors now?  I didn't know until I saw this report about the leading M2M (machine to machine) vendors today.  The report category is called M2M Application Enablement Platform (AEP).

Seems ABIresearch has a Competitive Assessment that considers six criteria they use to scrutinize M2M vendors.  This Competitive Assessment provides a rating of the leading M2M AEP vendors. A total of eight companies were scrutinized against several criteria under the categories of implementation and innovation in addition to a market share analysis for the same eight companies.

Here is an excerpt, "ILS Technology has been ranked as the leading Application Enablement Platform (AEP) vendor in the latest Competitive Assessment developed by ABI Research... ILS made significant ground in the innovation category of the assessment with an industry leading score of 81 that was just enough to secure it top spot overall. Report author, Craig Foster, cited the ability of its platform to integrate into existing ERP/CRM systems as crucial to its success." The deviceWISE module can interface directly to a number of industry leading databases such as SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle. ERP/CRM integration is increasingly important as leveraging information from connected devices allows companies to optimize critical business processes and become much more efficient.”

Kevin Benedict, Head Analyst for SMAC, Cognizant
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